5 Tips for Soft, Supple and Safe Baby Skin

Have you ever held a newborn? Aren’t they an overload of cuteness! Their tiny little hands, wandering eyes and super supple skin - every bit is precious. New to the world, they need extra care, and mommies go an extra mile to make sure that their little darlings are safe and healthy. Though I was little when my baby brother was born, still I understood that there were a lot of preparations at home. Baby care products, extra care for hygiene and a special routine for him. Here are five tips which even my extended family use to take baby skin and keep their skin safe -

Babies sleep like angels after bath. And, the reason is simple - pre-bath massage, warm bath and light post-bath massage. It has an amazing effect on their bodies. This routine keeps them clean, helps in growth, increase bone strength and keep their skin supple. On one hand pre-bath massage is done with baby oils and natural herbs. Post-bath light massage is mostly done with light baby lotion. This routine is the best way to keep their skin soft, supple and safe.

There is no denying the fact that natural products with no chemicals are best. Surge in demand of such product vouches for it. When it comes to babies, using the best of natural products is the only way. Chemicals are harsh on the soft skin and may cause a bad reaction. Always, pick products that are organic, natural and are meant for babies. In one phrase - use baby friendly products. These are specially designed for their delicate skin and normally are safe to use. Still, I recommend a bit of testing before indulging in generous use.

In addition to the products we use on their skin, what comes in contact with skin is also very important. Clothes are an integral part of taking care of their skin. What type of clothes they wear - material, fit, dryness; every aspect is responsible for soft and safe skin. Cotton is the best fabric, clothes should not be tight and should be dry, just like pampers. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Just like baby skin needs protection from dirt and chemicals, it needs an extra protection from harmful sun rays. I know, sun is a good source of vitamin D and in our country we like to take our kids out in the sun, especially in winters. The right way is to clothe them, don’t let their skin come in direct contact or use baby sunscreen lotions. Always remember that sun damage takes a lot of time of repair and baby skin is too delicate to bear the strong and harmful sun rays.

We all know how important it is to keep babies dry, otherwise they weep, cry and wail. One statement I've heard a lot - babies cry when either they are hungry or they are wet. There are many problems with wet nappies or diapers. It causes rash and sometimes even serious consequences may occur, when such a condition is not taken care of. Using best of diapers, preferably cotton based helps to keep this problem at bay. This helps to keep them disease free, happy with healthy skin. As we all know - Dry babies are happy babies.

These are some tips my family has used to take care of our skin. It worked wonders of every child in our family and here, have a look at my baby brother doing 'baby pushups'.


  1. These are fantastic tips!


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  3. Awww - adorable shot of your brother!

  4. Liked the sequence of the tips, the last one being the best. :)

  5. That's some lovely tips. I am sure all mothers will agree with you :D.

  6. Beautifully written and the black board placards were like cherry on the cake. Straight winner.

  7. Wonderful Post
    and congrats dear :-)

  8. Baby skins are very much sensitive and soft; therefore it requires good and soft care. So we need to apply several types of baby skin care creams and lotions to give a soft touch to their skin and protect them from different rashes and allergies.

  9. So cute and adorable pic of your bro :):)


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