#GetAirtel4G - It's just a tweet away!

The Internet is the lifeline of our generation. We love to be connected with our friends and the world through it. We buy expensive phones and wish to enjoy its features. Sadly, internet speed dulls the charm. We are often waiting for the page to load or video to buffer. All we need is a connection that promises faster connectivity and smooth navigation. But no worries now...Airtel has come up an amazing 4G plan which works at blazing speed. Amazing, isn’t it!

My family has been using Airtel for many years and their service is impeccable. And they have extended their excellent customer service while launching the new 4G plan. Not only it’s 5 times faster than its predecessor, it is extremely easy to get a 4G connection. It’s just a tweet away! Yes, you heard me right. You just have to tweet #GetAirtel4G from the comforts of your home and you are a step closer to enjoy the best internet speed available in India. You will get a reply from @AirtelIndia that will direct you to the link where you will fill your personal information and delivery details. And that’s it! A 4G sim will be delivered at your doorsteps for free. What more you can ask for?

After I came to know about this wonderful offer, I called my sister-in-law who bought an iPhone 6 plus, but could enjoy its features to the fullest. I told her to adopt a 4G sim by upgrading her existing Airtel plan. I told her it’s pretty easy - just tweet #GetAirtel4G. She was thrilled to discover the ease of getting it - she need not go to the store and fill a lengthy form. She applied for it instantly, and told all her friends to tweet and upgrade. Good news sure spread fast! Those of you who’ve got a 4G phone and wish for a matching speed, just tweet your way to faster world with Airtel 4G.

To have a 4G connection, all we need -
  • 4G enabled device
  • Existing 3G connection with Airtel
  • A 4G sim, which is extremely easy to get - no paperwork and free delivery at your address

So, don’t wait, tweet and enjoy the fastest internet connection available in India -  #GetAirtel4G.


  1. I use airtel too!

  2. Using their 4 G ever since it was launched here... most places it does not work and you need to switch back to normal connection otherwise it keeps on rebooting phone.. hopefully they will improve service in coming days.

  3. Delivering sims to the customers instead of waiting for customers to show up is a good idea. I am on airtel 3G too. Will go in for 4G on getting feedback about the 4G service.

  4. I am not using airtel ..but the idea is real good .nice post Saru :)

  5. Airtel 4G service is super... Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. That was fast. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Never knew there was a tweet option to get 4G activated - thanks a ton for this info! Delhi's 3G is getting worse by the day, and I've been looking forward to switching.

  8. Hoping for a good service like its 3g.

  9. Nice post Saru.. Airtel 4G service is awesome :)

  10. Freedom at last from slow net with Airtel 4G.

  11. @Everyone - Thank you very for reading. :)


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