Agony of Indian Dustbin

Roses are ashen,
Violets are gray.
I like everything rotten,
Just feed me properly - I pray.
People who bring me home treat me with care.
A special corner to stay and a shiny polythene to wear.
They feed me multiple times a day but give me bath once in a while.
They empty me everyday with a squeezed nose but never with a smile.
Still, I try to stay happy in my humble abode,
Far far away from the maddening lot outside.
People taunt me, tease me, avoid me there,
Always throwing around me or on roadside.
Fellas are good inside the home, you see,
They know what to keep and what to throw.
Stuffing the litter inside me day and night,
Stacking plastics and newspapers neatly in a row.
It’s a mystery how same people forget the rules, the moment they step outside.
World becomes a large dustbin and they litter everywhere with pride.

Roses are thrown,
Violets along with it.
Not inside me of course,
Just around the corner where I sit.
I feel neglected, 'Am I not important to care?'
They forget I am the one who hides all their filthy affairs.
I become a mute spectator or a dartboard of a special form,
They aim - some hit, many misses, simply leaving behind what is thrown.
Few come near - mostly four legged creatures and a truck of some sorts.
For stray animals, I serve as a large food court.
I feel dejected but many said they share my agony and sympathize.
Their stories shook me and I was surprised.
When people abandon me and turn a blind eye.
They find senseless ways to gratify.
Some go and paint the town red in a unique way.
Spitting in corners, walls, streets, stairs pretending as a jet spray.
It brings disgust not only to other human beings but even to inanimate us.
This, however, is not the only thing for which others are creating a fuss.
Roadside is equally heartbroken, maybe a bit more than me.
Seems everyone walking and driving on it, is on a litter spree.
Men add more mess when they turn their face to the wall.
Like no better place is available to answer the nature's call.
Lately, I found all these people are very very sick and they all need a hug.
They are infected with - Great Indian Litterbug.

They say - roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Then why don't people understand?
What they should do.
Drive on roads and walk on ledge.
Never ever spit where ever you like and color it red.
A toilet is where you pee, 'I' am where you put waste.
Neither aim, nor throw when you are in a haste.
Kill that 'Great Indian Litterbug' growing inside of you.
Do what is right and what you should do.
I am always there - in malls, in parks, even on roadside.
If you can feed me in your home, you should do the same even outside.

* This poem is featured on Times of India 'The Great Indian Litterbug' Gallery.
**This poem is written for 'The Great Indian Litterbug' campaign sponsored by


  1. That was such an interesting bit of writing and so true too. Poor dustbin :-). Wish we would use it more.

  2. Your poem highlights all aspects of the litter bug we're infected with. In Himachal Pradesh, for example, I don't find dustbins placed at strategic places on the road sides. Hill sides present a pathetic sight with garbage strewn all over. Apart from awareness, the lifting up of garbage by municipal authorities at regular intervals is a measure to check garbage to become a 'food court' for stray animals.

    1. I agree, we need more dustbins and a regular clean drive by local authorities to bring cleanliness on roads.

  3. that is too gud! a delight to read :)

  4. Any word of praise would be an understatement because i have no proper word to exclaim. Good...great...all seem like an understatement. However i would like to highlight what i've be striving at...and you have my dear i am so glad incorporated it..." Kill that 'Great Indian Litterbug' growing inside of you.
    Btw since ur post is about dustbins and since u r an artist too and that i was happy with this initiative taken i wanted to share this piece of news about the bins getting a new transformation in my fav place at Lodi Gardens...pls do have a dekho
    Also the young and artists braving the Delhi cold are doing good graffiti art too on the metal shelters that have been put up here there and everywhere by the Delhi Govt. They are called Raeyn Basera...these shelters for the homeless. :)
    p.s image is courtesy another blogger who writes under
    Do what is right and what you should do."
    There's just one more that i want to grab this opportunity to mention. i believe u r staying abroad where people have very well understood the dignity of labour and have no hang ups about doing their own 'safai'. It is so sad rather disgusting that with all this brouhaha and all this photo shoot in the newspapers with a broom we in India still nuture this feeling that 'safai' is meant only for the safaiwalas and safaiwalis. How many more years of degree bagging and brandishing education is it going to take for all of us Indians to realise that...Dignity Of Labor.
    i guess more than anything else first that...then anything...

    1. The two changes you have mentioned are wonderful. A ray of hope and I wish more people can join and be part of such campaigns. We need awareness and it's only then, we can bring positive and lasting changes in our system and in our country.

  5. A delightful read and best wishes Saru!

  6. Ah! Poor dustbin!
    Superb Saru! They say, ancient Indians knew 'Parakaya Pravesha' (body swapping) but you do it effortlessly with your subject! What a creativity!
    TC! Keep smiling :)

  7. Hope people have some common sense and LEARN and WAKE up
    and listen to the BIN.. since they would not listen to anyone else


    1. Sigh! They don't listen even to their conscience.

  8. Hi Saru,

    Hope you are doing well. It was last year that I discovered your lovely blog last year via Indiblogger. So, when I got an opportunity to nominate someone for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, you were in my thoughts. This leaves me to wonder if you will accept my nomination ! In case you are thinking what is it, you can find out more about my nomination here:

    1. Glad to have met you here. Thanks so much for nominating me.

  9. Read the story of Lapsap Chung as a child .. it was originated in 1970s in Hong Kong for the same purpose ... now after almost 3 and a half decades are over ...and we still need a Mr. littrebug ... sorry state of affairs.. loved your take on it wordgirl rather wonder word girl :)

    1. I have no clue about the story, have to google it.

      Thanks for the lovely adjective, you are so good at it.

  10. On your blog after long time. Great to see all your post. :D

  11. Woww,Long poem yet so rthymical covering every aspect of litterbugs.Very nicely written.

  12. Has to be the first time I'm reading a dustbins perspective. Nice!!

  13. Nice poem. Congrats.
    Let's learn it and teach others.

  14. Saru, you penned this thoughtfully from the perspective of dustbins. Liked it so much.

    Someone is Special

  15. Superb Saru. You told the plight of indian dustbins really well. Putting wastes in bins is considered as something not suitable for normal people. Or that's what I understood. Ordinary people are supposed to throw it on the road, or on the corner where bins rest. How lame!!

    1. I know, it's really lame and disgusting. Thanks for reading, Vinitha.

  16. Such a beautiful poem on dustbin! Hats off to you! And these lines "It’s a mystery how same people forget the rules, the moment they step outside.
    World becomes a large dustbin and they litter everywhere with pride." - are so ironically true!

    1. Sadly, people have no respect for public property.

      Thanks for reading dear.

  17. Nice work Saru... Keep writing.....

  18. A very thought provoking post Saru. Even the dustbins are tired of people who are litter-rated. Instead of more dustbins, more fines should be collected to train the dragons.

    1. Litter-rated - that's one hell of a word to describe them.

      The moment government imposes strict rules and fines, things will improve.

  19. Now that's a lovely way to describe how a dustbin would feel seeing literate people not having enough understanding to actually throw waste in their dustbins rather than everywhere around. Beautifully done :D.

  20. Awesome,...just loved it....I wish everyone reads it. It never made sense to me why people did that way. I think we should make dustbins that should make noise whenever the litter is thrown else where...

  21. "Kill that 'Great Indian Litterbug' growing inside of you."
    Thought provoking, indeed :)

  22. Interesting and inspiring article with sweet poems. Loved it :)

  23. this is really good poem.. thanks Saru.

  24. If you can feed me in your home, you should do the same even outside.- This is indeed the bottom line! If everyone gets this, a major part of this problem would be solved!


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