O' Men ~ Get It Right

Some claim to like it that way
Some flaunt this mess with pride
Some say we don't shave on Thursday
O' Men
Why don't you get it right?
Be neat and clean shaven
Before stepping outside 

Few things last forever and first impression go a long way
Don't spoil it by not shaving on any given day
I met my darling husband and he was unshaven and unkept
Few of the things till date he regrets
That date lasted only a few minutes, sans romance
His stubble crushed his hopes and a golden chance
He paid hefty phone bills to convince me for a second date
He knew by then, it takes more to please a girl than fate
He asked me helplessly - what went wrong?
I defied that shadow and harped on his five-o-clock song
He sighed and promised to sport a clean look next time we meet
And later he swept me off my feet

The story doesn't end there as men are from mars
Men only take two things seriously after marriage - their cellphones and cars
Dear husband went back to same routine, not shaved on important days
With a silly excuse that he was avoiding delays
Imagine my misery when he spoilt family pictures during our Ooty trip
I hated him for that stubble, I must admit
On our next trip, I refused to be a part of any photo-op
Till his tryst with sporting that stubble stops
He understood that those thorns would eventually prick
And that unshaven look was affecting our relationship
Now he always shaves and sports a clean look
And we have countless trip photos to upload on Facebook

Manners pay and good manners reward you in life
Stick to them if you want to rise
My husband's happiness knew no bounds when a golden opportunity came
And he was all set and ready to win that game
He was called for a client interview on a weekend
One that could give him promotion if he could attend
Now in a habit to shave and always ready to impress
It was easy to meet the client in no time and he was a step closer to success
He bagged that client for company and got the promotion for him
And he now says - clean looks and intelligence is must for a win

When some say it's a stubble
When some claim to like it that way
They are simply being lazy, it's not their style
Tell them my husband's winning story with a smile
O' Dear
Do get it right
Be neat and clean shaven
Before stepping outside

*I was tagged for #WillYouShave activity by Anmol
**This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette


  1. thumbs up to the Clean shaven look!

  2. Awesome take Saru and creative too...there's rhyme and there's reason...If I were a judge, I'll pronounce thee winner :-) All the best!

  3. Agreed - I like a clean-shaven man much more than one with a beard. Although my husband doesn't agree...

  4. heheheh I like the stubble though :(
    Loved this one Saru. U r indeed the queen on poetry!

  5. Loved the poetic take on this prompt Saru :).

  6. Wish my girlfriend not read this :)
    One thing I bet with anyone now onward that Saru could write poem on anything - anything means anything :)

    1. LOL, truly humbled!

      Thanks for a generous comment, Ravish!

  7. Great take on the prompt Saru ! loved it :-D

    Best of luck for the contest dear :-)

  8. This is something awkward. A poem on shaving. But just want to say, good going girl :)

    1. That's what I love about these contest prompts - they challenge you and you think out of box. Thanks for reading. :)

  9. Nice lines for the theme Saru. :)

  10. Yes yes nodding in agreement saru.... Nicely written ...and yes HNY:)

  11. Nice poem, Saru. But I love me with my beard :)

  12. Should I clean my shave ? hahahaa , Nice lines for the theme Saru ji

  13. Vow! Your Hubble telescope is now focused on Stubble. Great write Charu and wish you all the best for the contest.

  14. Extremely well-penned. And yes, stubble only looks good on screen.

  15. i agree with you stubble is just for the screens and also want to tell you its interesting written post..thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. Though it is written on a prompt, it stands on its own for lyricism and coherent take on the subject. It's simplicity enhances its expressive quality! Way to go, Saru!

    1. Thank you so much for a beautiful comment, Ma'am. It means a lot to me.

  17. Haha..I am showing this poem to my man :)


  18. wowowow This is awesome read Saru :) Why should always girls be clean every men should understand this ditty-witty clean fact ;) lol

  19. This is a cool post for the contest.. also loved the stories..

  20. Very entertaining read, Saru. Love the story you cooked up there.
    Having a good new year, I hope. :)

    1. It actually happened, Dee.
      About the year - so far, so good.

  21. Amazing how you can write poetry on any topic.

  22. Hey, best wishes for the contest :) May you win!

  23. Only the Big B looks nice with a hairy look. I prefer clean shaven and my hubby is one. But he doesn't shave on saturdays.

  24. Replies
    1. Same here and thanks for your lovely wishes, Kalpana.

  25. Congratulations! Very well composed poem!

  26. Congrats Dear...Love it....Simple and clean :)

  27. And I always thought the stubble look appealed to the female. Well written and very honest sharing. Thanks.

  28. You are a very good blogger. But such articles saying the only clean shaven men are desirable only for marketing campaign of shaving brands, creates a mindset that women can dictate terms for men's attire. However, when a man says a woman should dress in certain way, that becomes oppression and example of male chauvinism.

    I have exposed some women film artists earlier for supporting one campaign by Gillette, and proved them liars. Even though I am not accusing you of everything as personally I like your blogs as they are creative, but such kind of campaign only creates a kind of gender hatred where women commenting about men's look become accpetable whereas men doing the same is not.

    Anyways, here's how I exposed different film actresses earlier for telling lies for GIllette - http://themalefactor.com/2013/12/08/protest-against-smelly-stubble-p-a-s-s-yet-another-misandrist-campaign-by-gillette/

    1. Oh, I shared my opinion and how I felt. I prefer clean shaven men. I don't think such posts create a gender bias. It's simple creativity and product promotion. Would love to read yours.

  29. Brilliant and emphatically convincing stuff ! Now wonder you got an award ! Congratulations !

  30. Very creative, Saru :)
    Congrats for your win!

  31. Lovely. Enjoyed throughout. And Congrats on the award. My wish is like "Better late than never"... LOL


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