Greece - Of Ancient Ruins and Sunkissed Beaches

Of Greek Gods and Goddesses,
And many ancient sites.
Where first few chapters of history began,
Of shinning armor and handsome knights.
Lit in vivid hues, pure - mostly white,
Greece - An absolute delight!

* * *

Boats parked on coastline,
Sun kissed beaches with light breeze.
Rugged mountains spelling marvel,
Roads lined with Olive trees.
An evening in Santorini, 2 full days in Crete,
Greece - A charming feat!

* * *

Cradle of Civilization, 
An archeological feast.
On the backdrop of whitewashed houses,
A rare combination of modern and obsolete.
A cruise on the sea, walk along the beach,
Mykonos, Delphi - Heavens within your reach.

* * *

In the highs of Meteora
Where in thin air religion swells,
Or in the lanes of Athens,
Where history dwells.
Acropolis, Agora, Parthenon and Ancient Theatre,
Greece - With age vistas turned sweeter.

* * *

Traveling to the land so far,
Juggle to find flights, hotels and rental car.
To be money-wise is a trick,
Being a smart traveller in corporate bazaar.
Have to search, compare in best possible manner,
Or simply surf the website of SkyScanner.

* * *

Pack light, cash the best deal,
Download necessary apps and online check-in.
Browse and make proper itinerary,
And let the journey begin.
With Skyscanner, be most comfortable,
And create memories unforgettable.

Go and Explore

* * *


  1. wonderful poem .. some part brought up the visuals from movie troy .. :)

  2. That was a poetic treat to great sights in Greece! Best of luck Saru for the contest!

  3. Lovely... the presentation of this post is too beautiful. Good see and fun to read. All the very best for the contest. :)

  4. Lovely! The pictures add a magical touch to the post :) Wish you good luck!

  5. Wow.. wow.. How beautiful it is! It is beyond words! Loved it

  6. Super creative, Saru :)

  7. Very nice and creative. Loved the poem and the choice of destination!!

  8. Travel blog in a poetic language.. wow!!!

  9. Creative entry, Saru! Greece is a must-visit! :)
    Best wishes!

  10. That was a fantastic take on the contest Saru! All the best for the contest :)

  11. Love the poems.. artistic presentation :-)

  12. The land of the Iliad, the Odyssey and Metamorphoses - also the birth of the Aeneid. No wonder it draws the poet :)

  13. Loved the combination of your poem and the kind of pictures you used... best of luck dear :)

  14. Oh, I'm so wishing to visit Greece. It's next on my list.

  15. What a lovely post! Awesome! I am sure you'll get a prize with such an awesome poem :D
    and the painting are just soooo beautiful :)

  16. This is so creative and it's not a surprise that it's from you Saru... All the best :)

  17. Loved the format and the sketches. Greece, I think Karthik also wrote about it. It does seem like a dream destination. Uff so many places to travel to and so little money :). Good luck, Saru! Quite liked this post!

  18. The Blue rooftops of Santorini is my favorite of all. Greece sure is the place to be.

    Pages off Life

  19. You just replaced Spain by Greece as my dream place to go :)....very innovative poem btw...Must have been mighty hard to write this...worth the effort !

  20. Wow. You have made Greece a absolute must visit place for me. And its a change from an ancient place I would rather skip to a place that now an a must must for me.. :)

  21. I already crave to visit Greece and this poem made my desire stronger!!
    Nice Idea!!

  22. U tempted me to add Greece to my VISIT list :) I Wrote about France but honestly If I have money will spend rest of my life in travelng

  23. Those were nice flowery words about Greece.
    But somehow these didn't tempt me to visit, cos I think if more was written about what unique things could one do there - then it'd have been more alluring. This was more about what's been there already. But a nice one.

  24. This is really a nice poem. I really enjoyed it.

  25. @Everyone - Thank you for reading and for your generous feedback :)

  26. wonderful description in very lovely manner......

  27. Greece, a place with history and stories. Beautiful poem :-)

  28. ronita maitra bhandariMay 6, 2014 at 10:06 AM

    worth a win.

  29. Rathina, Ronita, Archana, Amrit, Sanjay and Anita - Thank you so much guys!

  30. Lovely deserved better prize..

    1. Ah, that's really sweet of you. Your comment is a prize in itself. Thanks and welcome here.


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