The SUNshine Girl

While all of you were unwinding in the New Year celebrations, I was fizzed out with my lusterless hair. Do I need a makeover? Is a visit to the beauty-fairy must now? As I ogle at the film stars and woman of my age flaunting perfect tresses, I wonder, do I need to recharge the dead cells of my hair strands? So, to snub my lazy bones, I list some coolest reasons to go ahead on this fun ride.

The Cheat Sheet
It usually begins on a boring Saturday afternoon. Me and my husband are at loss as to how to light up our weekend and we start exploring some new ways to sizzle it. We experiment with cooking or watch a movie. And sometimes we play scrabble. Don’t get shocked but yours truly never wins. Her husband has an edge with his remarkable command over English. I want to recharge my hair to win my first game of scrabble against my arch rival. My plans are to wash my recharged hair just before a game of scrabble and lure him so that he loses his concentration and I register my first win in the mighty Game of Scrabble.

Oh, yes! I will subtly play either ‘Na jhatko zulf se paani…’ or ‘Jhatak kar zulf jab tum tauliye se…’ in the background, just to brighten the mood. Cheating, naah! After all, ‘Everything is fair in love and war.’ And I have double reasons to use my recharged and vibrant hair to my advantage. That, ladies and gentleman, would make me a Seductive Temptress in my own house, with my very own husband.

Relive the 60's
Bouffant! Yes, It’s bouffant not buffet. Some call it a bee-hive and some gasp at the weight mounted on the heads of Sharmila Tagore and other heroines; but I always become starry-eyed looking at those complex hairstyles. I want recharged hair so I could twist my hair in those gorgeous buns and relive that golden era. Ah, what a classic look for the party! How I wish someone can sing, ‘O haseena zulfonwali…’  praising my stunning hairdo as I shake my legs to the retro tunes.

Pity! I don’t have someone like legendary Shammi Kapoor to give me company. But very honestly and shaking my head in famous Shammi Kapoor style, only thinking about it sets my adrenaline high and all this seems to be a pretty naughty knotty affair.

Bling it on…
This may sound pretty girlish for my age but this is one of the biggest reason I want to recharge my hair. Leaving it open or tying it with a rubbed band sounds so dull. There is no fun in it. Apart from usual bands, I have only accessorized my hair with famous Aashiqui ribbon back in 90's. But now, my mouth gets watered-up looking at the hair accessories displayed in Malls. The fancy pins, back clips with Swarovski crystals and beaded bands become the dazzling reasons why I want to recharge my hair. Alia Bhatt’s sporting a super cute hair band in ‘The Disco Song’ has doubled my desire to bling it on. I want to dress-up my hair and look good in it and for that I need to infuse some freshness and life. I need to recharge my hair to add bling to it.

Un-hide and Seek
Nearing five years of marriage, I seriously need a change. I don’t want to indulge in chemicals - permanent straightening, perm is strict no no for me. I want to energize myself without any side effect. A soft, silky feel to my hair and a radiant texture will light up my boring days. In other words…to un-hide the dim side and seek the better-looking me.  After all, keeping spark alive in marriage is very important. May be, with my newly polished hair, I could sing, ‘Yeh hai reshmi zulfo ka andhera na ghabraiye…’ to my husband. It might create a sizzling and memorable evening which we would cherish for the rest of our lives. Who knows what fun it can bring?

Who’s that Girl?
Like any other girl, last but not the least, I need to recharge my hair to get loads of compliments. Why not? Whenever I hear, ‘Yeh reshmi zulfein, yeh sharbati ankhen…’ I pray I could change my hair. Changing your eyes is bit difficult compared to it, you see. Only for the hunger of receiving volley of compliments on a daily basis, I want recharged radiant hair. Be it in office or in my neighborhood, I wish they can call me - The SUNshine girl, courtesy my radiant tresses. Blissful, isn’t it? When you are a head turner and people raise their eyebrows gesturing, ‘Who’s that girl?’ your life is recharged.

Now, with all these soulful and scintillating numbers accompanying my brilliant excuses, my life would be a fun ride. With recharged hair and a generous dose of positive energy, my day would be filled with laughter and smiles. It would recharge my life, for sure. My first ever scrabble win, personality twist to seductive temptress, being a head turner with bling, dressed in bouffant and dancing to Shammi Kapoor’s numbers…well, pretty much everything to recharge my life. If it happens, 30's would be redefined. And I would be very excited to unveil the dazzling side of me. So, my recharged self…Hair Here, I come!

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  1. Best of luck for the contest Saru! Those were some hairy moments of the Indian cinema into a well woven tale!

    Good luck with the contest!

  3. My Fav: Yeh Reshmi Zulfein .. Yeh sharbati aankhein.. :D

    Good luck dear :)

  4. For a HUGE Bollywood fan like me, this is absolute gold, Saru!
    You have such golden superhit songs along with humor & personal touch!
    Best wishes :)

  5. Lovely ost Ma'am :D I am filmy too \m/ enjoyed your post and the songs were lovely...

  6. Thanks for a great treat with the songs and videos :D
    Am gonna be humming all the day!

  7. Was a litle surprised not to find a poem this time. Though my browser problem did not allow me to see the pics and videos, your words did paint a nice picture.

  8. All the very best for the contest :)

  9. Quite a unique take on the subject.

    All the best Saru.

  10. You have chosen a good concept for this competition Di.. Good luck :)

  11. Seductive Tempress! Hair has indeed played a major role in songs/ lyrics of indian cinema for ages! It's def a winning formula! Good luck with the contest, and a very happy new year 2014!

  12. Al the best for your scrabble game;) Loved the post.

  13. This is altogether a different take on the theme...good work Saru!

  14. I didn't know it was called bouffant. But those weird hairdos do remind me something about Queen Marie Antionette (wife of King Louis XVI) who was famous for her extravagance and obsession with towering bouffants. They don't make such styles anymore :D

    Nice read Saru, best of luck (with re-wooing your husband in a totally star studded manner)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  15. Best of luck Saru,that was a nice journey through Hindi film songs.

  16. What is it with men and scrabble? They always win. :( My husband calls himself a two time world champion in Scrabble. :p (I am his world and he has won against me). But, unlike Alok, it is not his command over the language, but, the fact that he always gets Z at the last minute.

    A good post as always and I love the list of songs. :)

  17. Good luck for the contest. Loved listening to the lilting tunes and seeing my favorite 60's/70's heroine Mumtaz and all time favorite vamp Helen :)

  18. Wow :) all the generations covered nicely :) I relived the old songs which I used to hear some time back. All the best Saru :)

  19. Wow! Hope the contest will let you recharge very soon:)

  20. Thanks everyone for reading and good luck to those who too have participated. :)


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