Real Treasure

We can live alone...lest we wish,
Treading day in and out.
All success we can achieve,
Enough to stand on roof top and shout.
No song is difficult to sing,


  1. visited the link and commented.

  2. Words that touch the soul
    With their deep meaning
    Words that can elevate one
    from depths of sorrow
    to the heights of joy

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Fell in love with the ending lines, totally.. They reflect such a gospel reality of life..! Exemplary piece of work, yet again..! :)

  4. Relationships! In fact we see ourselves only through our relationships! Great thoughts Saru and crisp execution! Enjoyed as always:)Love and regards:)

  5. I love this poem! real friends are for better and for worse... living alone is like living heartless :( I guess no one could :)

  6. Lovely as always!! And I love the picture :P!!

  7. beautiful and striking as always :)

  8. "But try listening unsaid,
    Cut the silence for that you must. " <3 <3 <3

  9. So true - we must treasure the real friends in our life.

  10. Loneliness can be a part of our lives only if we wish to; so, say 'no' to loneliness, to fear amd say 'yes' to friends. Nice poem.....


  11. "No song is difficult to sing, "...unless you have a heart to sing it :)

  12. It's a very nice thought, one that more people should realise:)

  13. To be honest Saru, this is a good piece...but was not as deep as the ones I have read from you know you have set the bar very high for yourself now so pardon me if I always compare you with you :)...its just me i guess..i felt smthing is missing here...

  14. Saru,I highly appreciate the inherit spirit,
    Agreed! it is never too early to begin and
    never too late to continue..:)Based on reality or imagination :)
    Really ' Well done'.

  15. Ohhh, this was just a teaser haa?? :D

  16. Beautiful inspiring poem, Saru. Loved the last lines- when stuck in storm, they help you survive!

  17. read it on Ashwini's blog yest.very nice one Saru

  18. You are very gifted! I'm sure such poems should feature in the chicken soup series and other inspirational websites like and dailyom. I can relate to this.. cos a family member is shutting everyone out and we are all trying hard get him to know we love him..its just so true, we are not meant to be alone...:) I'm going to send this to him. thankyou!

  19. Lovely lines as always, inspiring.. read it :)

  20. Good one on being together and not alone.. Liked it!

  21. Write with ease
    Every soul she seize
    Play with words,
    Like The great sachin
    Hitting the ball
    Weave every word
    Like expecting mother
    Make little socks
    Wearing fun is what she claim
    To see other happy
    That’s her aim.
    From her busy schedule
    She still manage to write
    Coz to see other happy
    Give her pride.
    For speaking truth
    She lost so many things
    But I hope one day
    This attitude will give her wing
    Where she will fly
    Above the sky
    That’s the magic of her
    Mithlash is writing poem for her.

    Saru Keep rocking!

  22. lovely...esp. the last four lines!

  23. This inspires me to get through the week! It's going to be a busy one! I need to push myself!

  24. Nice thoughts Saru! Excellent, as always! :)

  25. hmmm...........friends are really important to kill the silence in our life..nice thought expressed poetically :)


  26. A beautiful poem.

    The ending of the poem is superb and very true

    Keep a treasure, a treasure of relations;
    For all ups and downs of life.
    When stuck in storm,
    They help you survive...


  28. Very nice poem, Saru! You said a lot with just a few words. You have yourself yet another follower. Do visit my site sometime.

  29. short but meaningful enough and inspiring. well done :) keep coming. i'm a newbie here and it's so exciting to get to know more talented blogger like you :)

  30. Inspiring wisdom :) Off to continue reading...

  31. Nice one saru jee... full comment is on the page where the full poem is :)

  32. Hi Saru, you have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award.

    Check this out:

  33. Would like to re-post my comment on Ashwini's blog here..
    Its always magical to read your poems Saru.. They always have that life and soul...
    "Keep a treasure of relations
    For all ups and downs of life.
    When stuck in storm,
    They help you survive" - completely agree... in sync with my philosophy :-) Loved it!


  34. Great!:) Friendship are real treasure, we can find people anywhere but real friends are hard to find. We must treasure our friends from the beginning till the end, because they are part of our life. Thanks for this post, i remember my closest friends because of your post, thanks again Saru!:)

  35. Very nobly practical. Very beautifully said.

  36. @Rakesh Kumar- Thank you so much Sir...:) Sir, I was hanging out with my firends:)

    @sm- Thanks a lot dear:)

    @Sahasi- Thank you so much Sahasi for the wonderful words of encouragement...

    @Mohd Ehtesham- Thanks Ethe...A reality check in words was needed for me as I'm missing my friends from India...

    @Nasnin Nasser- Yeah, we see our life aroud them. We do a lot for them and make our own world...Thanks for liking it:)

    @Sridhar- Thank you Sridhar!

    @Prime Aque- Yes, no one can...Friends are like oxygen, if I can say so:)

    @Writing Bee- Thanks Deepthi:)

    @maliny- Thank you dear...

    @AKILA VENKAT- Great lines with so much meaning...:)

    @hridyanubhuti- Thanks Indu...

    @ladyfi- Yes, we should:)

    @sriramnivas- Thank you and what a way to put forth your thoughts...

    @A grain of sand- Right Stuti...:)

    @PeeVee™- People should realise it...Thanks:)

    @India's no.1 blog- Honestly, I loved your comment. Also, when you say anything about poetry, I accept it blindly. You have such great command on words and thoughts in general. If you said, then something is definetly missing here Prayukth...

    @Being_AC- Thank you Sir and we are never late on building relations...

    @Rosette Princess- Thanks:)

    @Binu Thomas- Yeah, even we are becoming filmi day by day:)

    @Seema- Thank you:)

    @Cloud Nine- Thank you so much dear...:)

    @Sujatha Sathya- Thank you Sujatha.

    @Cna- Tell him not to...Talking solves many problems. Life is a series of ups and downs. The phase will surely pass but don't shut yourself out. And, thanks a lot for admiring the post so nicely...Welcome here!

    @Arti- Thanks Arti!

    @Geet- Thanks:)

    @Nisha- Thank you Nisha...

    @joshi daniel- Thank you so much!

    @Rajesh- Thank you...

    @Mithlash- Awww...I should dedicate this blog to you...:) Thank you...You make me speechless day after day:)

    @Rohit Sareen- Thank you Rohit!

    @deepbaazigar- Thanks Deepak:)

    @alissa4illustration- You should catch up, especially with Christmas around...:)

    @Lavender- Thanks dear...:)

    @Megha Sarin- Thank you Megha!

    @Kitty- Thank you!

    @Arnab Maity- Thanks:)

    @mbka- Thank you dear:)

    @S.V.SAIBABA Thank you so much Sir...

    @Ajay Agarwal- Thank you Ajay and welcome here...

    @Dark Knight- Thank you so much and welcome here. Will surely visit it:)

    @Inspector Saahab- Thank you dear...:) YOu meet so many great people out here:)

    @Kiran @ Nothing like wisdom dear...just a scribbling:)

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thank you Sunil, you always make a point to read all the posts:)

    @Aabha Midha- Thank you so much Aabha...It's such a honor:)

    @Anand- Thank you Anand, check her blog what I have to say:)

    @Saggitarian- Thank you so much dear for such kind words:)

    @umashankar- Thank you:)

    @Anand- :) :) :)


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