Lost Abode

I liked everything to be perfect;
Until one day I found.
Some poems don’t rhyme,
Some words don’t weigh,    
And some smiles always fade.
Unlike some happy faces,
These lips are now closed.
Drowned in the flood of tears,
They lost their abode.
Can I curse him?
For leaving me in the lurch.
Without even saying a word,
Abandoned me in this never-ending search.
A plateau of concrete,
Has his name with 'dates.'
Symphonies created by his memory,
Play low-key on my fate.
Each morning I bathe myself,
Then walk bare-feet, muddling my toes.
Inching towards my place of solace,
I decorate his name with a rose.

*Based on a story of a war widow.


  1. There is always an emptiness in their eyes...an eternal search for an answer to that one question you have rightly brought out...

    "For leaving me in the lurch.
    Without even saying a word..."
    One of your finest works till date...

  2. Nice presentataion,Saru.
    Emotions touching the heart.

    You have forgotten my blog ?

    You promised,and so I am awaiting your nice words.

  3. So glad I saw this before logging off. I agree with India on this one ~ one of your finest and most beautiful, to date!

    I really felt it with my ♥ I used to feel this often when I visited here and I'm so happy to be experiencing the *beauty of Saru* in every word again. The image is gorgeous and PERFECT for the ending line ... needless to say, I absolutely LOVE this post from the title right down to the inspiration! Great job :)

  4. brilliant brilliant brilliant one saru. Im not a fan of blank verses, except wen written by u :-)

  5. acha saru...u'd aske guest post na...will u publish one of my poemz? It aint funny haan. Lemme know ok. Mail me on kalpak24@yahoo.co.in

  6. Can I curse him?
    For leaving me in the lurch.
    Without even saying a word,
    Abandoned me in this never ending search..... what a beautiful portrayal of emotion.. so simple so real.. loved it Saru :) :)

  7. Keep them coming.

    Sorrow can be expressed in a few lines, but can hurt you forever.

  8. Very touching! Love the way you have written it :)

  9. Soulful and touching...Very raw emotion exhibited beautifully:)

  10. Saru di!!!! you put all your hearts and feeling in poems...and i can not pick one or two lines which seems to be the best... infect each line carries the soul in itself....beautifully crafted with heart and soul of its own...

  11. An adorable poem with great depth. I find resonance of my past! Great work Saru!

  12. Beautiful...... It reminded me of a poem by a friend. He has written the same thing, but his words are of the bereaved. http://yetanotherbard.blogspot.com/2011/08/under.html

  13. saru this was so beautiful that I want to include it in my next piece...with your name of course..can i?

  14. So touching.... Salutes to all those who became widows, for the country!

  15. Very beautiful and touching poem. Love that last line. I think it is one of your best.

    Hope you have a nice Sunday:-)
    Regards from Norway

  16. So beautiful and touching. Another masterpiece Saru :)

    Some smiles always fade but your magic with words never will! :)

  17. In principle, cant be 'Reaction' of thought on "Lost Abode"..
    But your this post brings out new possibilities, like some others..:)
    Hope for peace.

  18. So much pain beautifully portrayed...Soulful.

  19. what can i say??another brilliant gem....

  20. omg saru , this was beautiful .... how do you come up with one awesome poem after another ??? (seriously)

    "And smiles ..... curse him? "
    awww that was beautiful saru ...

    "each morning .... name with a rose" ...

    For me these were th emost beutiful part of the poem, i kept reading em again and again ....loved it saru ... :)

  21. A lovely and touching poem.

  22. Another one from your blogging stable!! Too good!! :)

  23. I have always felt sad for those war widows.. It is just a tough time to pass...

  24. 'I decorate his name with a rose'

    liked the ending very much...too good

  25. wow...that was so achingly beautiful Saru! I specially adored the beginning! So heart wrenching! Each line was a drop of tear;)

  26. it pinches deep in the heart :(

    Weakest LINK

  27. WOW!! This just tugs the heart!

  28. hello.
    This is poignant & oh so bittersweet.
    You expressed it beautifully & your image is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate your comments.

    I'm really, really sorry you weren't able to attend the Party. So many of the attendees can't wait for the next one. When/if I do decide to host another one, I shall make sure you get a personal invitation. I promise I won't forget you (smile). Thanks for showing an interest.

    My latest:
    Our Candlelight Of Love

  29. The hollowness that conquers our mind is undoubtedly the purest existence of the Almighty.and such honest words are the most innocent prayer to Him.

  30. beautiful and yet, painfully moving at the same time.. His grave being her "place of solace" is a fitting end to the poem.. Well done :)

  31. Touching indeed! Great work Saru :-)

  32. The last four lines are beautiful; good poem.

    Am in a hurry; will read more later.

  33. She is holding the door open for him :

  34. very pure and very deep. For some love is all about living in it, no matter what!

  35. awww.. that was touching... and heart stirring. Well written!

  36. So beautifully written!

  37. This is absolutely heartrending Saru....

    And A very happy birthday to you.. :)

  38. Every war has got its own story to say & dire negative effects over mankind; the words neatly capture the emotions and immerse the readers in a song of sorrow. Nicely written indeed!!!
    From: www.sriramnivas.com

  39. Wonderful poetry. Loved those lines!

  40. Absolutely touching. :) Wonderfully penned.

  41. This one's a masterpiece too Saru...Indeed very sad poem :(

    //Each morning I bathe myself,
    Then walk bare-feet, muddling my toes.//

    Touched my heart....

  42. "Some poems don’t rhyme,
    Some words don’t weigh..."

    What else can I say other than wonder about the poem and the song it sings!!!

  43. its one great poem i must say.....i felt like its from some professional poet ...the use of unusual lyrics were good(words don't rhym and they don't weight)...loved it

  44. very touchy.. you can't curse them for they left for a better cause.
    Love those lines and the emotions it conveys.

  45. Just Brilliant !
    your words always touches the heart.

  46. Heartwarming and touching.. the words echo in the depths of the soul...

  47. Saru your words really made me cry. I could feel the pain of the protagonist. You have a very rare talent.

  48. touches our heart - this poem esp knowing that this is the voice of many a war widow

  49. very heartfelt words that plunge into sadness!!...

  50. Loved each line, Saru. Based on a war widow, that really got me! Keep up ur brilliant work, Dear:)

  51. Great lines. They contain the essence of life. Life is a combination of both joys and sorrows. Perhaps, the sorrows outweigh the joys and yet they also contain a different kind of joy!

  52. 'Has his name with 'dates.''


  53. Very heart touching Saru.:)

    "Each morning I bathe myself,
    Then walk bare-feet, muddling my toes.
    Inching towards my place of solace,
    I decorate his name with a rose..."

    I Loved this so much!

  54. so touching one saru.

    I am inspired, i will soon start writing poetry in english

  55. that was so intense n just loved the way u started it.

    One of the best of yours !!

  56. I think we're all looking for that place of solace. Very touching in deed!

  57. Wow Saru that was so beautiful...

  58. wow ...grt elegy of a war widow , they really r symbols of strength ..very well written...

    after this serious poetry plz take out time and read my funny poetry plz... :)

  59. Touching...heart rending..hopelessly inconsolable

  60. Saru the one
    Reading her poem is fun
    Sometime this, sometime that
    Writing in Hindi or writing in english
    Both seems like fun
    Sometime it give me shock
    Only thing i want that Saru rock... Keep writing:)

  61. Heart Touching poem. wowwwwwwwwww.

  62. Heart wrenching indeed... But on a writer's note, the 1st 2 lines set the tone for the whole poem. Lovely...

  63. Like they say.....some stories have a bitter ending...and something NO ENDING
    loved how you wrote this...

  64. brilliant work....very soulful....and a perfect blend of feelings....loved it...touchin write...:)

  65. WOW! Great and beautiful poem. It is very expressive and powerful.

  66. This is a very lovely poem my friend, I feel the sadness... you have the power, poetic!

  67. These day I do enjoy my search for wonderful blog like yours, and this is one of the best poetry blog I landed! :) Thank you! :)

  68. did i ever mention what a genius you are?? this was.... AWESOME... seriously AWESOME...

  69. Aww..such a lovely poem, it depicts sadness with such clarity that you are able to connect with your readers through the feelings hidden in the poem itself.
    Great :)

  70. awasome ......wonderfull ..........:):) nicely written

  71. Such a lovely poem, Hats off for your work

  72. Absolutely marvellous..! The ending lines seemed to be in complete synchronization with what went through my very mind.. :)

  73. A war widows pitiable plight - powerfully penned poem ! Beautiful !

  74. Very touching poem..

    I have an award for you on my blog, kindly check it out.

  75. @India's no.1 blog- Thanks and means a lot coming from you.:)

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  76. Great piece, very inspiring and so lovely written..:) My first time here, and really enjoy your site..:) Thanks for this post!:)

  77. Brilliant poem lady..you present so beautfully that it reaches even the deepest corner of heart

  78. a proud but a very painful living it is for those people. :(

    you put it so beautifully, the poem touched the insides of heart, that simple, gentle touch capable of making a few people breakdown into tears.

  79. Awesome post!! True pain revealed !

  80. Always a joy to read Saru....wonderfully expressive post:)

  81. Amazingly put :)
    It's always sad when a person leaves their loved ones behind and goes for a war.
    A very brave family, I must say!

  82. Beuatiful Saru, this poem is so beautiful. Each line carries its weight and meaning.

    Such sad things are the reason that wars wound the conscience of humanity :( Reminds me of Tagore's words : "They hated and killed and men praised them.
    But God in shame hastens to hide its memory under the green grass."

  83. That was so beautifully written :)

  84. beautiful lines...

    also thanks for leaving comment on my post..

  85. No words to describe my emotions at the moments.
    Beautifully written , very touching....

    A plateau of concrete,
    Has his name with 'dates.'

    Nothing can be more painful than to c ur loved 1 this way

  86. wooooow....

    the flow was so good .. fast read and deep...


  87. It pierces the core directly tearing away each layer of heart!!

  88. Emotionally expressed and impressive.Very touching.

  89. so soulful.
    life is tragedy.. :(

  90. last four lines are very touchy...:(

  91. Very touching, Saru....you capture so many vistas of life so vividly :)

  92. Very touching Saru... Salute to all our hero who sacrificed their lives for us!!!

  93. You have made me fell short of words yet again... Saru jee - the words you have expressed, cannot be more closer to the real feelings...

  94. I don't know what to comment Saru.. You've captured the moment so beautifully in every line of this poem. I felt that sadness in reading every word. You're truly versatile... :)


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    @Anand- Thank you Anand, you just made my day!!!

  96. its like you speak my mind!! :)

    1. Hope you like the way I expressed. Thanks for reading!

  97. This is a lovely piece Saru!!Found it touching and moving!

  98. Fantastically articulate poem, I very much enjoyed reading it, thank you


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