Black Rose

A lonely beach; my eyes aground.
In the sand lying a rose I found.
A rose so red, I was astound.
A thorn-less stem and smell abound.
I lifted her; she bloomed alive.
To live together we did connive.
Permanently, I thought that I’ve
Written her name in my heart’s archive.
One morning I was taken aback,
When I saw my rose was wholly black.
Where was the red? I failed to track.
The sweet smell too it did then lack.
I then realized it was a spell.
Her red was black, fake was the smell.
Seclusion was Satan, my life was Hell.
No one ever heard my silent yell.
I stood bereft on the empty causeway;
A discarded butt in a void ashtray;
A starving man amidst a buffet;
Ugly, inodorous was life’s bouquet.
I returned to the beach, ruffled the sand,
Searching for the sweet smell and
The red of my rose, which was now bland.
But loneliness to me did life remand.
Betrayal, I found, was hard to take.
I could not bear my heart’s ache.
The thorns now pricked like the bite of a snake.
Greif had made the air opaque.
I stared at the black rose in anguish.
For it to turn red was my only wish.
What ere was lovely, now seemed fiendish.
It was slowly killing me, that obsession foolish.
I eventually pricked in my heart, misled,
The black rose’s thorn, and as it bled
The rose got covered in blood and turned red.
My wish was fulfilled on my death bed.
*Image Source - Here

*This is a guest post by Kalpak N. We all know him as a person with impeccable sense of humor. To everyone's surprise, he writes beautiful poetry as well. You can visit his blog here.


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing us poetry from Kalpak N. This is so true, there were a lot who are hiding who really they are, they pretend to be a person but when you're going to look at them inside they were from evil spirit. Thanks Saru and Kalpak for inspiring us here!:) Looking forward to read more inspirational post.:) God bless..:)

  2. WoW! Really loved this, Saru! I just checked out Kalpak's blog and his sense of humor is all over the place :D Thank you for sharing this with us ... trying to search for more of his poetry :)

    P.S. ~ This originally caught my attention in the news feed because I'm sort of working on a poem with a red and black rose theme ~ cute coincidence? :)

    *Waving hello* to Sagittarian :)

  3. @ Saru: Thank you for the guest post buddy. And the nice words :)

    @ Saggitarian: Thank you so much. and as a poet, i dont think im yet good enuf to be mentioned in the same line as Saru.

    @ Princess Fiona: Thanks princess. And ya, awaiting your work on the same theme. do let me know when its up

  4. This it a heart-crafted masterpiece. Thank you for sharing this to us, it seemed sad but the message I guess is for all of us, does it speaks the reality? I think so. Keep your words coming my friend specially for the author of this one, I am redirecting myself to your blog :) Have a great Sunday :)

  5. Mr. Kalpak! My new fond respect for you is not going to be as short lived as this red rose.
    A poem is not all about rhyming words. Its a failure if it does not convey a meaning or a story. And yours fulfilled both. The last 2 lines were intense and painfully beautiful. Alas my choice of words are poor. So I end my opinion by saying that this poem has definitely left a mark in my mind.

  6. wow. this is amazing. very beautifully penned. great job ! keep coming with the astonishing poems :)

  7. This is an amazing poem. Dark and full of emotions. The writer of such funny posts can write deep too.. :)

    Great work Kalpak :)

  8. Good one :) :) Intense post !

  9. I don't have words for it. I was actually imagining the whole thing while reading it. Absolutely beautiful!

  10. Yours is an entertaining blog and it's good to see guest bloggers in your site. When it comes to the poem, it's indeed a 'class apart'!!! Nice work Mr.Kalpak....


  11. This is a beautiful yet dark poem. The use of color to tie into emotion is done very well.

  12. wow! this is one of the best poems i have ever read on blogs!


  13. wat the bloooody mother of HELL! I thought this was by you and then the name KALPAK hit me!
    Dark and sensual and brilliant!!
    OH DEAR GOD! This dude is talented!

  14. KP..aaaaaah this poem evokes the same emotions in me like when i had read it before when u had showed it to me
    brilliant piece ya..! Loved it :):):)

    @Saru..amazing choice of guest post..:)

    cheers !

  15. Dark, but beautiful words put together.

  16. Saru, appreciate the approach of sharing..
    So far Kalpak's poetry is concern,
    It's a quality stuff, surely has surprise element.
    Best of luck Kalpak.

  17. Wow! I started to read it and I was amazed at how talented people can be.. I was almost disappointed that it was someone else and not you! :) But I will definitely check out his blog too. I have never given much attention to poetry except for what we had to learn in school. But that's changing now for sure. love your poems and this one too. Truly gifted you people are.

  18. oh god.. Dont know what to say ..I am sad


  19. wow...I am soooooooo impressed!
    Kalpak-really????????????? Is this you or an alter-ego?
    and all rhyme-shyme bhi?
    this is so awesomely cute...nevermind the sad and dark part but the fact that you have written it is stopping me from disassociating it from you!

    perhaps individually read, it would have also left me sad-but since it is by you-i am so very proud!

    thumbs up and Saru, I guess thumbs up to you too for bringing the Mr Sensitive out of the Mr Mad:-)

  20. This is a wonderfully wonderful poem.

    Ah, guys write poetry? Seriously? ;)

    Kudos Kalpak, awaiting more.

  21. Very beautiful. And even poetry duffers like me can understand. Loved it!

  22. really nice poem Kalpak
    good guest post Saru

  23. nice poem..

    thanks to kalpak...

    also thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my post

  24. Betrayal, I found, was hard to take.
    I could not bear my heart’s ache...இந்த வரிகள் மிகவும் அருமை

  25. A story written in the form of a poem!! Well done Kalpak :)

  26. LOVED it. It's just beautiful. And so relateable in the most painful of ways.

  27. It's awesum SARU! I thought it's wriiten by you! Thank u for sharing this. Kudos Kalpak! It's a wonderful poem :)

  28. amazin write.....i loved the story....i actually thought u wrote it until i read the ps...awesome kalpak...:)

  29. While reading thru it, I was like, "What's wrong with Saru?" Such a forced rhyme.. It sure isn't your style!! :)

    But nonetheless, it's a beautiful take on black rose, which I co-relate with people in real life. There are times when we get attracted by looks,and later realise the Satan that actually resides wihtin that apparent beauty!
    Great attempt nonetheless..

    and Saru, Kudos for promoting such talent! :)

  30. that is an awesome poem loved it to the core... awesome awesome awesome :)

    Take care an keep writing........

  31. nice much time it took you to create so beautiful lines....i have saved it.....

  32. fantastically written... indeed he writes beautifully !!

    Loved it :)

  33. Have you been inundated with proposals yet, Kalpak? You're funny AND have a sensitive side, you should have been by now:)

    This is eloquent. I have never been too big a fan of poems, but this most certainly makes to my top ten most favorite blogger-poems.

  34. Wow that was marvelous... :)

    Maybe its just me... but i found the though more in relation with love...

    beautifully Phrased :)

    Take care

  35. @ All the commenters: Thanks a million for reading my poem and finding it worth the praise. This is the first ever publication of my poem anywhere, and it is surely encouraging to receive such a response.
    Thanks a lot.
    Love you all.

  36. That is one lovely poem, Saru. Thanks for the post, dear Kalpak. Brings out the melancholy and sadness beautifully!

  37. Didn't like it... Kalpak will give you reason for it soon... But I must say you have more than Saru... Sorry Saru... But I liked the way the poem was written but...

  38. Wow ... so moving and very true. How awful to be a starving man at a banquet.

  39. My wish was fulfilled on my death bed

  40. Love and how it fades away..
    Lovely writing! Loved it :)

    Thank You for your wishes :)

  41. I check the photo, I couldn't relate it to you, then I checked the poem, Satan? I thought something is wrong, I scrolled down and well :)

  42. Fantastic.
    Nice presentation.
    I am happy for writing the 50th comment.

    Please,find time to visit my blog.
    Your words always inspire me.

  43. wonderfully written..beautiful rhyming sequence and yet it carries a deep message....sort of a suspenseful story and the color of roses changing associated with thoughts(lovely imagery)..I too write poems and had written a similar piece(with rhyme,story in a poem)...lots to learn from this work.

  44. Oh no, it's about your death. Very powerful!

  45. Usually an artist/writer earns fame after their death. Vincent van Gough and Frida Kahlo are two of my favorite artists. They only got their wish of fame after they passed away. So sad!

  46. It was really a nice poem Kalpak... The choice of words were good and I liked the rhyming and the feel of the poem. Keep it up!!

    Life's like that

  47. Nice Poem! I liked the way it rhymed.

    PS: it didn't feel like your words while reading it... and I was right!

  48. That's so beautiful.
    And I loved the way every rhyme had a reason. Brilliant :)

  49. it dint sound like you n then i'd just read the 'all time low'

    turns out a guest post :)

    must say is fantastic...sounds like very strong metaphor!

  50. That was lovely and the rhyming was really good! Few lines made me smile. :):)

  51. Saru, your poems come like a fragrance of red rose and you introduced someone who too brought in a new fragrance! Thanks As I missed reading due to hectic travel..

  52. Sorry for a short absence but so glad to be back with this guest post :)

    Off to check out the sense of humor ;)

  53. Brilliant stuff. Great sense of rhyme, use of powerful imagery, apt choice of words.Great potential for this budding poet.

  54. very it.
    btw gave u a blog award check it out..

  55. i just go through the post. It's really good one. Thank you for sharing.

  56. Wonderful poem. Loved every line.

  57. Awesome poem!!!!!! :D reminds me i've a lot to learn!! :)

  58. Really peerless composition. You write very well. Keep penning, I'll be there to read all your poems.

  59. Ah! how nature works it fulfills your wish when it become meaningless ! A poignant poem indeed...


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