Nine Months And Beyond...

Pure as a dewdrop,
Charming as an angel, as a bloom.
Tender as a touch,
Fair as a pearl, as a moon.
Resting inside my body,
Nine months of heavenly bliss.
Painting the moments every day,
When I'll hold you in my arms to kiss.
It's a weary job of ornamenting life,
We both will gradually discover.
Stepping on these highly coveted shoes,
It's not easy being a mother.
Music of your babbling,
Dancing of your beautiful eyes.
Sucking off your own toes,
And, the late nights babies specialize.
Juggling this happiness,
Don't know which one I'll cherish more.
Simply awed by this experience,
Being a mother, I'll definitely adore.

*This is a work of fiction.


  1. Its a beautiful experience...both the 9months and the after....

    Very lovingly expressed the joy and chores of motherhood.


  2. Very beautifully conveyed..What a beautiful feeling it must be!!

  3. A very soulful have captured the joy of being a mother with such vivid imagination :)

  4. Wonderful, wonderful! It's a great feeling for sure!

  5. HOW SWEET.....Motherhood is all about happiness and joy.... i know :)

  6. Saru, An amzing poetry with choicest words depicting motherhood.Strange coincidence, I too wrote on a similar subject today!!

  7. So wonderful and sweet! I find it very instructive to be a mother, hehe:-)

  8. very beautiful feeling, motherhood is very precious moment .........while reading your poem i am in the other world, my eyes see all the picture in front of me , very sweet moment.BEST PART OF LIFE .:) :) :) :) :) can't express more just feeling ...........and my heart .......... :) :) .
    love u dear saru

  9. How did u figure out Saru.. This is such a lovely creation of yours.. Beautifully expressed and all the things said are so true.. I'm a fan of your writing and the way you bring out emotions in all your poems.. Looking forward for more and more:):)

  10. Pure as a dew drop,
    Charming as an angel, as a bloom.
    Tender as a touch,
    Fair as a pearl, as a moon.
    this is beautifully written! loved it...its magical

  11. Beautiful experience described fittingly, as always, by you!!Kudos!

  12. awesome. lively. nicely expressed out the feeling of motherhood.

  13. Nothing as beautiful and tender as motherhood in this life time! The baby in the womb and the divine experience of it so charmingly portrayed by you...enjoyed every line! Bravo!

  14. Loved the line 'dancing of your beautiful eyes'...

  15. There is a magic in this line
    "Don't know which one I'll cherish more."
    because it feels good when you have multiple blissful moments in a row and you have to decide which one is to be cherished more...

    Simple yet so beautiful :)
    Like thy post.
    Take care !!

  16. Exquisite! I was left speechless after reading this one! :)

  17. Wish I had better words to express what I feel right now but this is all I have in my vocabulary - Beautiful.

  18. ममता की सुंदर भावाव्यक्ति बधाई

  19. Music of your babbling,
    Dancing of your beautiful eyes.
    Sucking of your own toes,
    And, the late nights babies specialize.

    Excellent....You almost created a Baby infront of us through your words,Amazing...Saru.God bless U.

  20. wow saru,,,,, this is awesome... I'm sure this is the best thing that a women can get.... :-)

  21. you have beautifully encapsulated the emotions of someone on the verge of being a mother. and i really loved the imagery used throughout the poem. too good!

  22. a very cute write...beautifully writtn...:)...loved it...:)

  23. Beautiful topic, words & rhymes! I truly loved this one, Saru, and the picture is perfect!

    Resting inside my body,
    Nine months of heavenly bliss.
    Painting the moments everyday,
    When I'll hold you in my arms to kiss. <- - amazing! :) ♥

  24. lovely.. soulfull and beautiful

    Wealest LINK

  25. very nice one again with true feel of every mom :) good luck!

  26. Lovely as always. Brought out the motherly feeling with so much essence and joy!!
    Btw yours??!! :P

  27. Let's not forget that giving birth to a child is akin to a 'second life' for every mother in this world. After a tiring yet desiring 10 months of labour, the mother gets her reward and the reward is.....guess what? The first smile of the little new comer!!! I mean the baby and I guess, ur poem smiles like the little new comer and u, as the mother, 'the Kreator' should be proud of it.

  28. SARU !!! Your poem is soo baby-like in itself!!! EXTREMELY CUTE!!!
    "It's a weary job of ornamenting life,
    We both will gradually discover."----SO TRUE!


  29. Saru, you are simply fabulous when it comes to making words fit in perfectly with each other :P .. loved the poem, i so adore your blog.

  30. Awwww...this was so beautiful! All the lines just flowed so nicely one after another and I was left with a soft,fuzzy feeling inside. I'm sure all the moms I know would like agree with it. You've done a great job, so thanks!

  31. So beautifully written - and tender! Lovely words.

  32. Liked it very much. Simply learning from you:)

  33. Beautiful words of motherly love!!

  34. Motherhood is the best!!! I love it. Except for teething, whining and temper tantrums. :)

  35. Nice. Reminds me of my daughter when she was born.

  36. Hi Saru!,nice poem on motherhood and motherly luv in a good flow of words dear

  37. I have no 'Words' to comment on this topic..its really very true fact that attaining motherhood is always greater than attaining anything in this world or beyond !! Motherhood is not just giving birth to a child...its much more than that. Sometimes it happen, motherhood is not blessed by the God for some physical or other reasons...even in those cases motherhood can be seen evident..!!

  38. So, so beautiful! You have expressed it so well and with such a refined language. :)I like the new design of your blog. Very appealing.

  39. Loved everything abt this post...beautifully woven as a poem and the pic's adorable too!! :)

  40. a great tribute to the greatest being on earth MAA(mother) , they r the most beautiful creation by GOD :)


  41. Beautiful poem...very delicately written and we men may never know the joys of motherhood or the pains (Thank God!:P) but you gave us an insight into the wonderful journey that is being a Mother. Congrats and keep up the great work :)

  42. Beautifully written , but why no one writes about fathers :)

  43. Awesome, you have a way to string subtle emotions and befitting words.

  44. Thanks for your visit and your valuable comment on my post Fate of Niyamgiri hills.
    Also read your above poem..appreciate on your writing skill(jealous !! ha...ha).. Emotions beautifully conveyed.. I clicked trice on soulful..

  45. Thank u to visit my blog
    he'art' beats n strokes


  46. A nice piece Saru. You've beautifully described the motherhood, the heavenly bliss :)

  47. probably the best feeling a woman cud ever have...wonderful...!

  48. "Don't know which one I'll cherish more." waah!! i love this.. :) :) and i know.. motherhood is the purest and truest form of love in this mortal world.

  49. Motherhood is indeed wonderful. Although there are tense moments too but still nothing compares to becoming a mom.
    Wonderfully expressed!!

  50. wonderful poem saru. Could feel the excitement of motherhood, in those words...

  51. You have captured the essence of a mother in just a few lines. Ethereal...

  52. @Shaifali- Thanks a lot dear...:)

    @Mi- It is indeed one of the most beautiful feelings and thanks for the comment Mi...

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    @Rosette Princess- Thank you, those lines I wrote for my husband once...:)

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  53. I must congratulate you Saru for this nice
    presentation. Positive good thinking and a
    pious environment should be continued in
    such a wonderful period.I pray all the best
    from the bottom of my heart.

  54. lol ya.. and they should thank you and your poem for making it so :) :)

  55. Motherhood is a garden in my house I have two grand daughters and more to come...thanks for your support to me on IndiBlogger ..

  56. That comes straight from the heart. Waiting to feel that way soon ... Hopefully ....

  57. Pure and beautiful. Filled my heart. Lovely work.

  58. @Saru: Am sorry for my delayed response; really sorry :( :( I may be busy for a brief time but will never forget my pals. You're my guru and inspired me to consider blogging seriously :) So I won't go anywhere :)

  59. A life within a divine ! nothing as so fulfilling than a woman giving birth .
    So beautiful poem..

  60. The feelings of a 'mother' put in 'words'! Beautiful. Every word weighs worth Gold. You made me feel so good.
    So divine and pristine :)

  61. Beautiful poem... so tender and emotional....loved reading it!!!

  62. what you have written is very very beautiful :)... i loved it.. its sweet, its innocent, its so filled with love :)... :) great poem..

    Take care and keep writing.........

  63. Amazing words and flow of emotions. Dare I ask if you are p*******? :D

  64. And so I am correct, you are a budding poet in the making :) Nice poem :)

  65. Hi Saru.. i wish you to write a poem on relationships of those who were loyal to each other but could not continue their bond due to third umpire..i.e. this world..or some other compulsions...thanks. I am sure and believe that it will be a great theme for a poem knit in your 'Words'...

  66. "Pure as a dew drop" - is a beautiful way to describe the feeling of baby inside :)

  67. Though technically, I can never personally experience the feelings you have expressed here (:)), it was beautifully written... Aw! I am falling short of Words!!

    P.S: Wonder why there is only +1! There should have been more :)

  68. Saru! released a quality composition on a vital process of evolution..
    sweet when its desired,
    sweeter when its due,
    sweetest when its true.

  69. Beautiful poetic expression of divine feeling:)

  70. @Rakesh Kumar- Thank you Sir but I hope you know this poem is a work of fiction...

    @SuKupedia :) :)- :) :) :)

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  71. Simply beautiful and simple poem. Loved it :)


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