It Hurts...

Thunderstorms in the corner of my heart,
Keep my eyes wet.
Few dabs of happiness here and there,
Don't make life blessed.
Often I count,
Looking outside the window at night.
How many wrong deeds I did?
That I fail to touch new heights.
Not even a single wish,
No wish has come true.
My fingers are all black,
Searching for happiness in the residue.
Not up in the ladder,
All I want is a place of some worth,
As when you don't get what you deserve,
It hurts.

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  1. i'm so happy tht i'm the first one to comment..loved it.. as always.. i kind of feel lik this now..

  2. It badly hurts when you won't get what you wished. But believe in ur Dreams... it will surely come true one day!!
    nice write always :)

  3. Yes Saru!,One shd not expect Apple standing under a Mango Tree.It always hurts when U don't get what U deserve.We shd change our expectations if we cannot change ppl to our expectations.This maximizes the minimum-assured Happiness.Luv it.Cheers.

  4. Sadness very aptly reflected and felt a part of it while reading!!Saru would like to see a happier You!!

  5. Nicely written Saru Di :) I wish this was just a work of the poet you and not the real you :) I need you to be happy all the time :)

  6. there you are again..touching all chords :)

    my fav: "My fingers are all black,
    Searching for happiness in the residue"

  7. It indeed does...sigh..
    Searching for the happiness in residue...whatever is left...lets find some happiness in there...


  8. touching creation no word further .......

  9. Wow.. I absolutely spellbound.. wonderful Saru.. It does.. it pains.. and so ur thoughts connects too..!

  10. Very touching.
    "Not even a single wish,
    No wish has come true.
    My fingers are all black,
    Searching for happiness in the residue"
    I loved this part.Exactly the way I feel sometimes.

  11. A great read Saru. I can feel the pain in those words and they have a deep meaning. All it needs is a worthy place for all the efforts and a healing hand to wipe the tears... absolutely loved it.!! :)

  12. Ouch! It truly hurts when you dont get what you deserve!
    We work so hard and yet get disappointed by the outcome.

  13. It hurts! It really hurts a lot when we don't get what we deserve! The feel in the poem is very touching :)

  14. There is profound sorrow in every they say...theres no rainbow..without rains :) so hope your next composition is bright, cheerful and filled with happy thoughts..:) tk care :)

  15. though poignant n sad... but I loved it as a write up !!!


  16. An impression of sad encounter,
    To feel hurt disharmony is aggravated,
    To ensure harmony, don't care for the opinions.

    Prepare for the next release with...:)

  17. "My fingers are all black,
    Searching for happiness in the residue.".....beautiful imagery with intense meaning...another thread of thought from you charmingly presented! Wetness of tears and hotness of words...;)

  18. Beautiful written, sad and moving.
    It`s sad when wishes not come true, but I believe in victory and to keep up with dreams.

    Hugs from north:-)

  19. I can't pick line.. love every word written. :)

  20. As when you don't get what you deserve,
    It hurts
    Awesome line.
    Saru, you are a superb writer.
    God bless u.

  21. As when you don't get what you deserve,It hurts.
    I can very well relate to your post..
    Thanks 4 sharing such soulful WORDDS
    Really Superb Saru !

  22. Soulful lines.. loved them :)

    Weakest LINK

  23. I really love the first four lines, and i have already imagined how i would like to interpret it in a photograph. just need to find the right subjects now:P will let you know when i succeed.
    "My fingers are all black,
    Searching for happiness in the residue." screams sorrow. i will keep coming back to this poem for sure:)
    take care

  24. " My fingers are all black,
    Searching for happiness in the residue."

    this line was freaking amazing man! SARU! :) :) :) WOW!

  25. So many beautifully penned lines that I truly connected with emotionally ~ excellent writing, Saru and the perfect picture! I know how long the 'searching' process for that can be ;) Really loved this post, dear! :)

  26. I believe there is a lot of desperation in the lines; it is indeed the character of desperation that adds beauty to this poem. A little desperation and a little appreciation is all that makes one's life. So, never bother about what u had deserved and always desire about what u will deserve in the unpredictable future.
    Nice poem.....really aroused me emotionally.

  27. Such powerful and beautiful writing! I was spell-bound!

  28. Beautiful sad poem...yes it hurts if we don't get what we deserved.
    Friend am inviting you to please visit my account in --Angelji Thanks..

  29. Very touching poem, Saru! I guess many of us can connect with this at some or the other time. Perfect!

  30. Just lovely... sad but beautifully written poem!

  31. Yeah. It hurts.

    Again a master piece.

  32. It hurts when you dnt get what you wish and for what you work hard :(

  33. So, I have started understanding your poems and have started liking new and different poems of the world... Thank you Saru :)

  34. it is so true that it hurts. but for a better living, to live out of pain or the sake of our loved ones, a way to only hide the eventual pain caused by this is - telling yourself and believing that "i expect nothing for myself for my good deeds. but yes, i expect to be put under pain for the wrong deeds". what i do is that. i too always know that what i have today is less than what i ought to have. but nevertheless, there is still time till the last breath. your good deeds may shine upon u not now, but when really at the time of need. maybe u should stop expecting something, only for a peaceful living, so that people who love u dont need to get hurt by seeing u in pain. and "not expecting" doesn't mean it doesn't exist, the pain. we can only hide it at the back our mind and heart, not touching it too often.

    but whatever u said was absolutely true. but u had that thought, and let it temporarily end there becoz the more u think about "being inadequately repay-ed for ur good deeds", the more it hurts. :|

    sorry if i talked too much.. but that is what i do to myself.. :|

  35. "repay-ed" is too much BUSINESS like.. i take back the word. :D ;) :)
    its like "deserving". :)

  36. Yeah sometimes it hurts, but always be positive...sooner or later we'll get what we deserve ! :)
    nicely expressed, a touching poem..

  37. why so serious?

    but beautifully written Saru. we all go thru this n u've summed it up so well; and yes, it hurts!

    My Third Eye

  38. beautiful doubt...ya it hurts when we dnt get wt we maybe deres smthin still bettr stored for us :)

  39. awesome lines as always Saru :)


  40. Very emotional Saru..again a beautiful creation of yours!!! :-)

  41. It's so touching, emotional and related to many. Beautifully written Saru :)

  42. how generic you have written...
    it can relate to every such think, which hurts

  43. Even when it seems like we have everything we want/need; we're never truly happy it seems.

  44. every drop of tear wud hav to pay with a smile one day. keep the faith. you would climb the ladder just when you are ready to hit the roof.

  45. @Arpitha Holla- Yeah, we all feel like this at one time or other:) Thanks!

    @Remya- I hate the waiting period. It's really very tiring...And thanks for liking it!

    @MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!.- Right, It's always better to change yourself as that is in your hands:) Thank you...

    @Rahul Bhatia- :) Thank you:)

    @~Serendipity~- Thanks Ayushi :) :) :)

    @A grain of sand- Thank you so much Stuti:)

    @TheBluntBlogger- Thanks Chintan, I really wish so:)

    @Sunil Kumar- Thank you so much Sunil...

    @KP- Thank you Kanu...:)

    @Rosette Princess- Thank you dear!

    @हास्य-व्यंग्य का रंग गोपाल तिवारी के संग- Thank you and welcome here...

    @SuKupedia :) :)- Yeah, it hurts...:) Thanks Sunita for the comment.

    @Pooja Sridhar- Even I feel that sometimes, thanks Pooja!

    @Manali- :) I wish you all the happiness, may you never get this feeling, Manali :)

    @Anand- Thank you Anand and I'm still jealous of you as I read Ashwini's post yesterday night:(

    @Red Handed- Yeah, atleast we all should get what we deserve...:) God will get more thank yous than complaints:)

    @--- Bagya ---- Thank you Bagya:)

    @India's no.1 blog- Thank you Prayukth...:)

    @Jyoti Mishra- Thanks Jyoti and welcome here...

    @Being_AC- I will do that Sir and thank you...

    @Nasnin Nasser- I smiled after reading your comment. Sudden change of thought. Wetness and hotness;) Thank you:)

    @Spiderdama- Thanks Tania...XOXOXO

    @Sameera- Thank you Sam!

    @Ruchi Jain- Thank you Ruchi for such a beautiful comment:)

    @Mr.DEEPAK DODDAMANI- Thanks Deepak:)

    @Rachit- Thank you Rachit...

    @TD23- Will be looking forward for the shot:) Thanks Nimish!

    @AKILA VENKAT- Thanks Akila, BTW, loved your friend's shot on your blog:)

    @Lady*♥*Fiona- Google give million of results in less than a second. I write a poem in 20-25 minutes but finding a picture is a day's task. Thanks for liking the poem...:)

    @sriramnivas- Thank you Sriram, bookmarked your blog to read it in spare time. I will do it today for sure:)

    @Sridhar- Thank you!

    @ladyfi- Thank a lot dear:)

    @Angel- Thank you Angel, I tried doing that but could get through...

    @Harsha- Thank you Harsha:)

    @Short Poems- Thank you dear and welcome here!

    @vertu- Thank you Vertika!

    @Skywalker- Right and it hurts real bad:(

    @Binu Thomas- Thanks to you Binu...:)

    @induravisinghj- Thank you!

    @blackandwhiteheart- I think we can never stop expecting as we are humans. And, if I will not discuss it with people who are close to me, then I will never feel light. Also, people who are close to us will know how we feel and they make efforts to make us happy. But, I agree with expecting less. We can't change the world but we can change ourselves. And, please don't be sorry for length or word. Blogging is all about speaking your heart without the fear of editing...:)Thank you for your valuable comment!

    @Kitty- Right, thank you:)

    @Rohit Sareen- Just a change from love theme...And seriously it hurts...

    @Prabhavathi- Thanks!

    @joshi daniel- Thank you Daniel...

    @amrita ray parida- I hope so or else it will hurt forever...Thanks dear...

    @Ashwini- Thank you Ashwini and for such a wonderful poem, Can I get your Indiblogger T-shirt??? Or else, will ask Anand:)

    @SUB- Thanks :)

    @swati- Thank you dear!

    @Satish Mutatkar- Thank you so much Sir!

    @Kiran @ Thank you Kiran...

    @Chetan- I wish all the happiness Chetan as I know how it feels what i hurts...

    @alissa4illustration- May be...:)

    @sawan- Thank you Sawan for such a beautiful comment!

  46. your lines fits every hurt.. but ideally one should never get hurt never instead hurt should get one.. :) ...very less time we have on this station , our train can come anytime..:)so why waste time in getting hurt ...

  47. 'All I want is a place of some worth,
    As when you don't get what you deserve,'
    Beautiful lines.
    Sadness will be very happy that someone has understood him/her/it so well.. !:)

  48. its soulful... i love the image it portrays... has to much heart and honesty... brutal honesty i'd say... and its hard hitting... couple of lines just blew me away.. they were so awesome :)....

    great work :)

    Take care and keep writing.......

  49. "All I want is a place of some worth" ... yes, the emotion perfectly captured ... awesome ...

  50. Great expression of remorse feelings...

  51. been there done it .. bought the Tee :)

    I know the feeling .. and how it is all


  52. "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"

    Lovely, Saru:)

  53. long does it take for you to churn out a piece like this ? Good read always.

  54. Lovely touching words, there was an instant connect as I read through... keep at it Saru :)

  55. Of course life hurts. And that's good, in a lot of ways: 1) It makes us deeper human beings, sympathetic to others who are hurting, 2) It makes us tougher, more able to cope, 3) It can give birth to great creative work in literature and the arts (keep writing as well as reading good poetry), 4) It makes us more philosophical if and when we wonder whether we really 'deserved' what we haven't got, 4) When we have had enough of life and its doubtful pleasures, it leads us to seek release - call it moksha, nirvana, salvation, what you will - why should that age-old quest have suddenly become old fashioned just because we live in the age of instant noodles and Facebook?

    Forgive me if that sounded like a sermon: it comes naturally to someone who has been a teacher lifelong. But if it helps to make you feel a little less blue, it will have made my day!

  56. Lovely poem! You are one amazing writer. Happy to have stumbled here. Following you!!!

  57. Touching and so true.. I agree it hurts :( when you don't get what you truly deserve. I have been feeling that more and more recently...

  58. it sure does....

    beautifully expressed

  59. "As when you don't get what you deserve,
    It hurts." # This line sounds very synonymous to me. :)

  60. It hurts. It definitely hurts when you don't get that small inch of care and affection you expect from that 'someone'. I always wonder if it is too much to expect a little bit of love from someone whom you love so much. I really don't know!!

  61. @bhupendra- Yeah, we should stay positive:) Thanks:)

    @Sahana Rao- You made my day with your comment Sahana...And lovely profile picture:)

    @Thousif Raza- Thanks Thousif...Your comment brighten my day dear...

    @Ashish Joshi- Thank you Ashish and welcome here!

    @Vinod- Thanks a lot Sir:)

    @Bikramjit- Thank you Bikram for dropping by...:)

    @deepazartz- What a lovely line...Thanks!

    @the mind behind the mindless lampoons- Thank you Ravi:)

    @Arti- Thank you Arti!

    @Suvro Chatterjee- You said very apt and positive things. We must always look on the greener side. And, Thank you from the bottom of my heart:)

    @Cloud Nine- Thank you Dear!

    @Farila- I wish you much much more than you deserve and this feeling is so bad, I know that:)

    @magiceye- Thanks!

    @Nirvanic- :) :) :)

    @Madhaw Tiwari- Thank you Madhaw...

    @The life-a-holic- Me neither, life is strange...Anyways, lets cheer up hoping something better is in store for us!!!

  62. Saru, I can only add:

    "An unlucky toss may have a lucky spin-off."

    "What is, might be sad. What we make of it, never goes in vein."

    These two I had composed earlier in my blogging chronicles. Maybe in response to some similar emotions I was confronted with at the time.

    Cheers on your way!

  63. very simple, yet such nice words! rarely have i come across a poem that reverberates with so many ppl

  64. i so feel like this of late ,gr8 blog and photo bdw come thru my poetry n fashion blog n lets folloW Each other like twitter .

    C h u c h u - c h u l a l a . b l o g s p o t . c om

  65. Believe me this one directly went to my heart and now I am regretting why I read it so late. I am confuse now which adjective i should use to compliment your poem..overall superb :)

  66. eah sometimes people say that you get what you deserve and not desire....but i beg to differ.....very thought provoking write...."na janey kyon hota hai yeh zindagi ke saath".....everyday i get ready to march towards my dreams and ambitions ....but the distance keeps on increasing.....i loved this very true.....very well penned....good luck and good job

  67. Oh! Its heart touching and wonderful.
    You convey deep thoughts easily.

  68. Nicly said Saru. Story of my life! But then, as that famous Jagjit Singh ghazal goes.." Thori bahut tow zahen main, Narazgi rahey!" :

  69. is there anything to say....बात खरी है

  70. I know how it feels.. coz i felt it many times in my life ..

  71. Great photos, thanks for sharing. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  72. Saru ji.. what you say is hurts and hurts a lot, specially when we feel that those who are going ahead of you got it easily... sometimes, as I read some where, God keeps us waiting, for some present, a gift... Even I am in the same position,, working my way to the start of the ladder of success... Just positive thinking..keeps me going...

    P.S. You have beautifully represented what I feel deep inside my heart, Thank you.

  73. Lovely Creation... :)

  74. Another master creation saru....
    beautiful thought put again...

  75. i swear! ur poems are all stolen from my heart! :)

  76. Beautiful words Saru... "As when you don't get what you deserve,
    It hurts."... But, if you rise from the disappointment and succeed, that makes the prize even more rewarding and the effort worthwhile.

  77. Poetry has a way of expressing feelings that prose never can- particularly when it is to do with complex emotions like love and grief!

  78. ya it hurts in the pain, we stay still in lovee...s it hurtz

  79. Life is indeed - a pursuit of happiness...

  80. I am a fellow blogger ... I am not too much of a poem person but I must say your poems touch a cord... :)

    I know this feeling... I can feel ur pain.. Your feelings are so real that it feels u were in pain when u wrote this... a true creative cant fake so much... grt work

    I wrote a similar article when I was in love :) (ahhh what a feeling it was)... check it out if you feel like...

  81. @SprigBlossoms- Those are soulful lines. Thanks for sharing Ananya :)

    @confusedyuppie- Thanks for such a beautiful comment. It encourages me a lot!

    @CHULALA- Thanks Dear and welcome here...

    @Mithlash- Thank you, I always treasure your comments:)

    @The Fallen Poet- Thank you dear and I love this song...:) I hope you wrote the lyrics of the famous hindi song...

    @Rakesh Kumar- Thank you so much Sir!

    @Gautam- Story of everybody's life Gautam. And, this gazal is lovely...

    @boletobindas- Thank you and welcome here:)

    @Varsha- Same here dear...

    @Mats- Hope you liked the words as only those are mine...:)

    @Crazy Mind- I feel the same all the time. And, thanks for your comment:)

    @J'D- Thank you Jay...

    @Venkateswaran Ramachandran- Thanks a lot RV...BTW, Where are you these days?

    @Mr.Jovita- :) :) :)

    @Kirklops- Yeah, the prize becomes very sweet. I just wrote what I felt that day...Thanks for liking it...:)

    @Meera- I agree, you can say a lot in few words...:

    @ratan yadav- It does...Welcome here!

    @Rajendra Raikwar- Thank you!

    @Sunil Padiyar- It is:)

    @Lipi- Thanks a lot :)

  82. Sharu , I am in pain yet again and stumbled upon this poem of urs... I can so relate to it... It hurts so much when u dont get even an inch of what u really deserve... I read something beautiful recently so wanna share it here...

    "Most relationships tend to fail not because of absence of love... Love is always present...Its just that one was being loved too much and the other wasn't being loved enough"...

    I am feeling this pain right now (that u must have felt when u wrote this poem).. and i convince my heart by saying its not our (your/my) loss... its the loss of the one who didn't understand our pristine love for them...because if someone can reject a beautiful and magnificent soul like ours (who are ready to give more and receive less and all they ask in return is a little bit love) then I am so convinced its completely their loss.. We will surely get what we deserve one day... its just a matter of keeping patience... :)

    i will be glad if what i just said reduces your pain (even a little bit)... it surely reduces mine.. :)

    1. Understanding love is very difficult. Those who value it, won't loose it. I agree with the lines you wrote it. I know how hard it is to go through that phase. Hope you feel better soon. Time is a big healer...

      Thanks for your comment!!!

  83. Saru, this one's really touching! Loved it.
    I would just say that may be our thoughts are constrained and limited with the situation then. Sometimes we don't realise how things we were restrained from in the past actually served for our own good in our lives later on..that's the super power working at its best for us..looking at the bigger vision for our life!
    Even if it doesn't convince our hearts now, that's one of the best ways to move towards optimism.

    1. God is always there and above us. He knows what's good for us and he compensates us sometimes a little late. This poem reflects what we feel at that moment when we are hurt. No reasoning, no logic seems to work at that time. Thanks for speaking your heart here, Swatee....:)

  84. itz awesome!!! and about the "sadness" part- well... if v're happy everytym nd not sad ever, v'll never realise wat happiness is will we!! sadness is required 2 make us realize our happiness! dey dont conflict but support each oder! :D

    1. Yeah, I agree with it. I just love the last line you wrote here...Thank you dear:)

  85. Speechless Saru.. Beautiful creation as always:)

  86. So true.. and it really hurts when you don't get what you deserve :( but there is always a brighter side.. :-)

  87. First time here..loved your way of expressing..

  88. so glad i tumbled across ur blog., i love them all, 1 after th other, not able to skip any1 of your post.. Wishes do come true though, but sometimes they take forever, i had written a blog on wishes once too..

    SOO in love with your posts.. :)

    1. I would love to read what you have written. Thanks for gracing this blog Dipthi.:) :) :)

  89. loved the lines,....

    my fingers are all black
    searching for happiness in the residue...

    loved these lines the most....:)

  90. "My fingers are all black,
    Searching for happiness in the residue.".. Brilliant lines.. :)

  91. It looks like it is written for me..

    Someone is Special

  92. True words... felt like you are saying my heart.. it badly hurts wen we wont get what we dream and have to give it up before seeing success..

    1. Never give up! It hurts real bad but giving up is not the right thing...

  93. apt choice of words for the emotion so well captured...

    Hurt, I weep
    not knowing which choices to keep
    everything seems spiraling down
    and not enough strength to stand up on my own

    Alas it was time which gave me the strength
    to face the world
    to stand back on my own without help

    1. Time heals. Thanks for writing a lovely verse here. :)


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