Neel - The Avid Reader

There is a little boy

His name is Neel

Cuddly, cute and oh-so-warm

His hugs feel

He is a naughty boy

He runs all day long

Mommy often thinks

Oh, what now Neel has done wrong?

He loves water

Splash-splash-splash he does

In his massi’s pool

With sun shinning above

Daddy takes him in his car

Car goes vroom-vroom-vroom

Neel sits like a little prince

Leaving no room

Neel plays with daadi

Big block train they make

Chu-chu-chu-chuck train goes

In between games they take 50-50 breaks

Of all people

Neel loves Gaurav Uncle very much

Always chasing his uncle

Like an adorable Donald Duck

His dada and bua live far away

They miss him oh-so-very-much

FaceTime, WhatsApp, Phone calls

That's how they stay in touch

Neel loves to read

Sometimes he reads upside down

He goes to all bookshops

In his little town

And when Neel will be a big boy

Mommy says he already is

May he be so-so-so-much happy

We all wish

*I wrote this rhyme for my nephew Neel. 


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