Say Hello To 2016 From A Galaxy Far Far Away

I love throwing parties. There is a different high in being the center of attraction and gathering praises. Mind you, it’s not a cakewalk. A lot of planning and preparation goes into it. There is food, drinks, sitting arrangements, decoration and entertainment that needs to be taken care of. But it all starts with a theme. Well, this year we are soaked in action with Star Wars latest flick. So, I thought of hosting a party on Star Wars Theme. I graciously borrowed ideas from HP Star Wars Special Edition Laptop to plan the finer details. Have a look at what would I do to entertain guests and ring the New Year in style -

Inspiration behind Party Theme
Starting with invites, I would make it striking, laden with Star Wars effect. It should arouse everyone’s interest so that they RSVP instantly. Using Aurebesh font that comes preloaded in Star Wars Special Edition Laptop, I would design the invitation. Front side in Aurebesh and back side in English to make things clear. I will mail it with subject #AwakenYourForce. Well, after getting such a tempting and exciting invite, I am sure my party would be fully packed. Here's a sneak peek into the rough design -

Invitation in Aurebesh for authentic Star Wars touch


Dress Code
Dress code would, of course, be Star Wars inspired. Just to be doubly sure, taking a cue from the images available at the Command Center, I would mail my guests a ‘list of suggestions.’ See, during the holiday season, I want them to have fun, not tax themselves with research and planning. As far as me and my husband are concerned, we would dress as - Rey and Han Solo.

To help set the right mood, decoration is extremely important. First, would be the life size poster of Kylo Ren. To make it more lively and intriguing, I would use Death Star Storyboards, which are the original designs used by directors to plan a scene, and Behind the Scene Posters to decorate the party hall. Even when the guests are sipping their drinks, they should have something interesting to keep them entertained. For the kids who have tagged along with their parents, I plan to use the wallpapers and make the customizable slideshow to keep them hooked to the screen. In case you are wondering - all these things come preloaded in the Command Center of new HP Star Wars Edition Laptop. Pretty cool, right!

My guests are in for entertainment of a lifetime. With Star Wars music and clips playing on the laptop and my husband as a DJ, they will shed all their inhibitions and surrender their senses to have fun. With a capacity of over 1,000,000 photos, up to 500 movies or more than 240,000 songs, we have enough to entertain non-stop parties for days together. As a DJ, my husband would rock the party in style. With blazing fast performance of the laptop on which he would be playing music non-stop, and the illuminating backlit keyboard would add to his cool quotient. Wait, audio by B&O play would ensure we have powerhouse effect in the party hall.  Armed with all these upbeat and jazzy technology, he would be like the super cute BB-8 playing music and all the chicks would be drooling over him.

My husband aka BB-8 surrounded by chicks

That’s not all. As most of our friends have kids, we would take printout from the Illustrated Comic Color Book and give them a creative activity to have their own fun.

I will use food from our very own planet. God only knows what they serve in outer space! But yes, I will buy Star Wars inspired paper plates, cups and napkins to add that extra zing. And, the icing on the cake would be Star Wars themed New Year Cake, which everyone would surely dig in!

Tell the World aka The Show Off Time
After the party is over, guests have gone home and my husband is snoring. I won’t rest till I update Facebook with pictures of the party. The illuminating backlit keyboard would help me to update in the dark and the blazing speed with an Intel processor would help to do it fast. Well, I don’t want to disturb my husband. Yes, I would be dead tired after a long day, but with this super toy at my disposal, I won’t rest until I show the world, pictures of my successful bash where I unleashed the fun side of me.

Someone resonates with my feelings here...

To all those coming to my New Year Party -

You don’t know the power of this party planner
But eventually you will
* * *

Source for Star Wars character images - here and here


  1. This is a winner post Saru! All the best!

  2. You seem to be the coolest party planner. All the best :)

  3. You are fabulous in product promotion, Saru.

    Wishing a happy & prosperous new year in advance. :)

  4. Ha Ha SARU! This party sure gonna rock girl ! :D
    waiting for the invite :D

    1. Sure, we will have some life changing star wars + poetic conversations. :)

  5. Superb post,
    Good luck for the contest.

  6. Oh that's wonderful. I would be delighted to accept this invitation and be a part of this. All the best for the contest @Saru Ma'am

    1. Hehehe... We will rock the party. Thanks for reading, Sulaiman.

  7. BB-8 surrounded by chicks...:-D :-D

    Great, Saru...all the best... :-)

  8. Ah they have a star wars version of laptop too? Now that is an interesting marketing mode :D :).

  9. Awesome post, Saru! Wish you a very very happy new year. :)

  10. Great idea! Best of luck :)
    That final meme :D

  11. All the best Saru.. best wishes

    I just saw the movie this gone sunday , it is GOOD :)

    Wishing you and family and everyone around you a very happy new year.. May all that you have dreamed comes true.. have a fantabulous New year

  12. What an idea madamji !
    And loved that husband surrounded by chics ...hahaha

  13. No who will not adore such a chick magnet... :) All the best for the contest....

  14. Aap toh party ki jaan hai. Love the fantabulous concept about Star wars wale party. Should be fun. Hope I am invited next to taste star wars food:)

  15. You are an amazing party planner Saru. What an interesting concept and you just nailed to the perfection. I loved the details in each segments. That chicken meme is super-fantastic.

    My best wishes for the contest. Hope you win. Happy New Year :-)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. And, fingers crossed! :)

  16. You have covered all the details Saru..we now know where to go ;);)


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