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Monday, December 11, 2017

Because mental strength is more important than physical

I’ve put on 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. It’s a side effect of a medical condition. I got up today and my weight was half a pound more than what it was yesterday. I was extremely sad that time. 6 in the morning and the first thought along with your medical condition is your weight issue. Trust me, every girl hates it. But I had chores to finish. So I cooked, replied to emails, and cleaned before heading for a bath. I switched on the music on my iPad and told myself to take one day at a time. Do good, eat healthy, exercise, and spread some happy vibes. And I wrote this couplet. I hope if someone is going through a tough phase, he/she finds strength in this piece.

'Tez hawaaon mein udte hain jo,
Un parindo ke par nahin hausle buland hote hain.'

Starting from today I'll post all that I've shared on my social media handles on this blog. I'll make one post every fortnight. Someone told me it's good if you want to protect your work in case of a copyright issue.

So these are the posts I wrote in the last 15 days. Which one do you like the most?

P. S. हौसले or होंसल, which one is correct?

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  1. Yes Saru, agree with you. Mental strength is more important than physical strength.

  2. The first couplet is truly inspiring!

  3. You make me fall in love with the whole art of writing... You have no idea how fulfilling and satisfying it is for me to read something which is so delicately and excellently written. It's difficult to choose, but I love the first and the last one the most.
    As for copyright, yes, it's a good idea to put everything on your blog.
    And forget the whole weight thing. Just take care of your health. ❤

  4. Keep strong. There is no ailment that you cannot defeat Saru and always remember health is wealth. Try to beat anxiety by not worrying too much. Your poetry of course are gems that comes effortlessly.

  5. Yes, Mental strength is very important....

    Very motivation quote you have added to the post....

    'Tez hawaaon mein udte hain jo,
    Un parindo ke par nahin hausle buland hote hain.'

    it helps to gather energy and remove the negativity and lack of confidence that may gather in ones mind.


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