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Monday, June 26, 2017

he made woman out of a girl

i loved a boy
who knew nothing about prose
his tongue got tied
if i called another name for a rose

his words were straight
his thoughts crystal clear
love so pure
and acts sincere

Only a folly
he did that night
held me by my waist
very-very tight

i scurried through my brain
no words came out
but my body was screaming

as a poet, you'd say
i should know a perfect rhyme
hell, it was neither the place
nor it was time

i turned into something better
the moment he touched the curves
i became woman from a girl
and poet of a few words

the waves came crashing
like there was a tsunami inside
if he'd left me that moment
i would've died

that night twisting-turning
on my wrinkled bed sheet
i felt different
i felt complete

*image source - here
**posting a light romantic poem after ages

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  1. All words r so crystal clear path to make a woman from girl..

  2. Such a lovely lyrical poetry as rare to read! Great work, Saru!

  3. Innocence ,love and then the maturity all blended well at the end. As usual, a beautiful poem

  4. Tender feelings expressed so beautifully!

  5. That's beautiful and clear

    You are a magician of words saru :)

  6. A beautiful poem. Loved reading it :)

  7. Beautiful one, very feminine.... <3

  8. Beautiful ! So subtle and classy :)

  9. i turned into something better
    the moment he touched the curves
    i became woman from a girl
    and poet of a few words
    You are really magician of words Saru ji !! Great words , love to read you always

  10. Uffff ekdum mushy mushy... Absolutely loved it... Your words I tell you ❤❤

  11. Your poem captures the beauty of young romance.Glad I found you!

  12. OMG! This was so sensual, very beautifully written. It was the most engaging thing I read today.

  13. emotions are enigmatic until we succumb to it... beautifully put in..
    I second Afshan Shaik

  14. Mam i can't describe in words what i felt while reading this.... It touched my heart... 😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it is so diffucult to emotions n feelings in the writing but u did it mam... N i m too small to say this.. But it really touched my heart ❤đŸŽģ❤

  15. beautiful lines Nicely written.. after a long tine enter ur blog but well expressed!

  16. U have expressed in such an sensous way,very romantic lines..u can stole a million of hearts with ur poems..this lines are beautifully described ,intimate love❤❤❤


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