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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You are my 'Sonshine'

I told the breeze, the sun and the stars, 
Who is my life and for whom I have come so far.
I live with him, I sleep by his side,
He is the reason, for which I survive.
At times he comes and holds my hand, 
Then, I tell him where he should stand.
I will see him sail through and he will shine like the sun,
He is the man I love the most, He is my son!!!

Dedicated to one of the most beautiful relations - Mother and Son.

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  1. Absolutely true Saru.. You have said it all in few lines..
    Amazing as well as very touching poem.. Just hugged Yash:):)

  2. Very beautiful.... and such a pure way to portray such a pure and special relationship.

  3. Beautiful expression from a mother to a sun (son).

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Awww.. being a mother of most wonderful young man, I can relate so well to that poem

  5. Soulful indeed...the relationship between mothers and progeny is like a prism...radiates many, love, sorrow, ecstasy...well written...

  6. @Swati- You know this is a dedication to you, Navita and Kshama. Glad you like it.

    @Rajneesh Tiwari- Thanks.

    @jojofeelings- Mother-Son and Mother-Daughter are the two relations I admire the most.

    @Blasphemous Aesthete- :) Thanks for admiring the inherent meaning of words.

    @Farila- Thanks, Seen your son's picture, so, I would say most wonderful handsome young man...:)

    @India's no. 1 blog- Nice perspective, thanks.

  7. Wow,beautifully express,very touching

    Prashant and Kshama

  8. @Wagh- Thanks, it's for you kshama!

  9. thank you Saru for your concern and good wishes on my post. yes, we are safe.

  10. nice to read how mothers feel :)

  11. wow! speechless ! having that happiness can't be traded for anything else ..Seems you are a best mommy , hats off for that! Your son so lucky having a great mommy like SAru!!!!

  12. So beautifully written. A heartfelt post. Simply loved it.

  13. I have always found the mother-son relationship extremely cute and undefinable in mere words. although it goes for all our relations..but there is something more divine in it :)


  14. @Magiceye- Thank you Deepak Sir.

    @We Cognize- :)

    @Angel- Thanks but I'm not a mommy as of yet. Hope my kids feel that I am a nice mommy...:)

    @Harsha- Dedicated it to my friends who have baby boys.

    @subtlescribbler- Rightly said, it's a very divine relationship.

  15. aww..!! tht was beautiful.. :)
    i love ur poems.. :) :)

  16. Great poem...

    But could not help thinking of a mother and son doing backseat driving in Delhi... :)

  17. Just Awesome... Mother and Child's relations is Purest relation, and will remain forevr.. Lovely...

  18. @Jay- Out of hibernation, was waiting for your posts which came today finally. Thanks for the lovely comment

  19. Wonderful words! Nothing can express this relationship better than these words. Thanks Saru for putting our feelings in your beautiful words.

  20. @Anonymous NAVITA- Thanks, I am glad you like it:)

  21. @Nirvaan- Thanks Dear.

    @Chandra81- Thanks for loving it, it's one of my favorites.

  22. Hi Saru,
    Beautifully expressed. It is true - nothing can surpass the relationship between a mother and her children. I liked this line: "He is the man I love the most, He is my son!!!" All husbands must remember this.
    You write very well and I going to visit your blog for such gems.

  23. @VIKRAM KARVE- Thanks Sir, I am speechless. :)

  24. Touched....! Really touched, Saru...! Words take me to my Mom who is thousands of miles away...!


  25. @Sathish Kumar- Thanks Sathish:)

  26. That is a great poem! We have to think about how blessed we are, or we'd pull our hair out. Truly touched.

    If you have the time: Read a poem I wrote at towards the bottom of this post:
    My sister just gave birth to a baby boy that is terminal with Trisomy 18. I wrote this poem a long while ago when she lost another baby with Trisomy 18. So far her newest baby is growing and has survived 5 weeks now. Time will tell.

    Thank you for visiting Planet of the Apels!

  27. @alissa4illustration- Thanks Dear, I read the poem and it was beautiful beyond words.

    @Animesh Ganguly- I am touched...:)

  28. Gal your writing is awesome. keep it up

  29. @Sangeeta- What else to do here? You know how much I admire books and writing. Thanks :)

  30. super like! simple n short, yet so beautiful!

  31. @Rohit Sareen- Thanks Rohit and Welcome here!

  32. No is no other love quite like a Mother's love for her children. This is so beautiful. I am glad I got to read one of your earlier posts. :)


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