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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scotch - Timeless And Classy Gift

Being surrounded by very picky men - my dad, husband and brother, I always have a tough time selecting gifts for them. On most occasions, I stick to clothes and fragrances. But of late, I have seen not-so-happy reactions from them. ‘I have enough jackets,’ my dad said when I gifted him one on my recent visit to India. Well, to be very honest, there is a limited range of gifts for men. Unlike women they don’t change their wallets and shoes to match their dresses. Good on the pocket, but bad for someone who is trying to add charm to some special day. Ask me... I am on the edge these day as I have two birthdays lined up in coming months - my brother’s in November and my husband’s in December.

I surf websites, I watch every TV commercial and flip magazines to get a clue for gifts. I’ve surfed major retail and gifting websites and looked under ‘Gifts for Him’ section too. Sadly, there is nothing new. Nothing out of the box. It is a usual collection of - watches, wallets, fragrances, shaving kits, pens and electronics. Though electronics make a good option, but it is very difficult to buy a phone for a guy. You know, how particular men are with their cars and electronics. I bought an electric trimmer for my dad two years back and he doesn’t use it. It turned out to be a total waste of money and I don’t want to repeat the same mistake. Hence, electronics are a big no-no!

I thought of gifting watch to my husband, but when I asked him indirectly, he said, ‘It has become redundant in smartphone era.’ Yes, he said so. Even Apple watch is a waste of money according to him. And, with that the idea of gifting him a watch went into thin air. Yesterday when I was watching a rom-com in which a guest brought wine as a gift for the anniversary celebration. It struck me that wine and whiskey make a good gift. It’s classy and won’t go wrong if you fancy a drink or two. It’s a perfect gift for men. Even if someone doesn’t drink, he can always keep it for friends or guests, like my father keeps it for his business partners.

With that in mind, I thought scotch as a gift for my father for his birthday next year. Though he doesn’t drink, but he can keep it for his guests. And we all know scotch gets better with age. You can keep it for years to come. It’s a great gift and you don’t need to worry about the expiration date. As they say, scotch is a timeless gift. Yes, I saw 18 year old scotch on display in Mumbai Airport’s duty-free shopping area. The bottle was a beauty. Even a non-alcoholic like me wanted to buy it to decorate it in the cabinet. It looked so elegant! It won’t be wrong to call it - luxury packed in a bottle.

And, as for gift ideas for my brother and husband are concerned, I am still looking. Any suggestions?

*Disclaimer - This post is meant for audience above 25 years.
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  1. Scotch is a nice gift....

    Consider buying exquisite shaving kit, or if they are into gymming , you can buy a small portable exercise machine

  2. Nice. Hope your father likes the gift :)
    Hope you like reading A Rat's​​ Nibble : Calvin and Me

  3. I'm very fussy about my whisky and only like single malts from Scotland...

  4. Nice share. I think your website should come up much higher in the search results than where it is showing up right now….my site

  5. Very well written. Scotch definitely calls for a nice and classy gift.

  6. Absolutely agree! Won't scotch do for your husband and brother as well? :)

  7. Hi Saru! Your article made interesting reading. My husband is a scotch whiskey connoisseur of sorts. He loves it when someone gifts him some stylish crystal whiskey glasses!!

  8. Gifting what they want makes sense. Items of personal use maybe. Asking them can help :)

  9. yesssssssssssssssss a lovely gift and I dont mind getting it anytime :)

    Although I am very fussy about my drink, I like to have the good stuff


  10. Very well written. Indeed scotch is a timeless gift. :-)

  11. Oh yes, they come in such beautiful bottles. My husband actually cuts the base and puts in a bulb to use as a light. :) The bottles are too nice to just give away.

  12. I am also a scotch lover and wish to have a collection of it.

  13. @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading. :)


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